Daughters Refused Entry to Singapore for 3 day tourist visit

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I am an English male married to a Sri Lankan lady. We live in London with our 12 year old daughter. My two step daughters from my wife's previous marriage live in Sri Lanka, aged 22 and 20 years respectively. Recently, i paid for my two step daughters to visit Singapore for a three day visit, their first ever trip abroad. I wanted them to experience flying and life in a large modern city. I also advised them of several tourist attractions which they might wish to visit, having visited Singapore myself several times.  I paid for their hotel here in London and sent them £500 as spending money for their visit. Having checked, i knew that they did not require a visa. However, upon arrival, my step daughters were refused entry and no reason for this was given to them by the immigration officers concerned. They were booked on a flight back to Sri Lanka the same day. Try as i might, no immigration officer would speak to me or give an explanation for their actions that day. I wonder if anyone here might be able to enlighten me as to why my step daughters were refused entry. As far as i can tell, they fulfilled every requirement of entry. Finally, i assume that their passports will be stamped 'refused entry' will this effect any future travel arrangement they might make? Many thanks in anticipation.


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First, the Singapore authorities follow strict data protection guidelines and thus will not engage with you or tell you anything about the case, since you are neither involved yourself nor direct relative. The girls must contact ICA themselves to clear things up!
Now to the denial of entry itself:
As on every international border worldwide, immigration officials are entitled to deny entry for any reason they like - and you have basically no recourse against it.
That said, the Singapore authorities do not do this without reason (but they don't necessarily tell anyone why).
Without knowing the exact conversation and documents showed when they tried to enter, I can only speculate on what might have caused it:
- A lack of booked accommodation, return (or onward) ticket or sufficient funds for the stay is the most common reason - but not in this case, according to what you wrote. (Are you sure they shoed all these documents?)
- Another common reason is a suspicion that they would want to (illegally) work in Singapore. This is often the case for young (and pretty?) women and probably the most likely reason here - especially if they were not very clear in saying why they are there.
Since the ladies have a black mark in their record with ICA now, they should contact and clear up the matter before any new attempt to enter Singapore.

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The only legitimate reason for denying entry would be if the planned stay would exceed the permitted visa-free duration of 30-days.

Other than that, typical reasons for denying entry would be:

If the immigration officer thought they would not leave at the end of their stay.
If there were security issues.
Identity issues (so passport damaged or defaced).

There could have been issues with items in their luggage, but they are not normally an Immigration officials concern unless the Singapore authorities use a joint system at the airport.

But as the authorities are declining to discuss the matter with you (they don't have to; both passengers are adults), it's rather like a self-licking lollipop to discuss it any further with them.

Hope this helps.

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