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Iam from pakistan living in kurdistan with my husband. Recently my husband got job in Singapore Channel . I just want to know few things please help us for you experiences.
They are providing us family visa but now a days iam pregnant so just want to know about in this situtaion we will facing any problem for in future regarding child doucments or delivery etc.
please let me know what should we do or not

The Singapore health care system is very good and they are very experienced in all aspects of maternity and child birth. You and your baby will be in very good hands!
Also the formalities aspect is easy and fair: The baby will be allowed to stay with you in Singapore (on Dependent's Pass or DP) as long as your visa is valid.
One of the drawbacks is cost: On top of already high living costs, pregnancy care and child birth are not covered by any insurance - so you have to privately pay for it: A natural birth with three days hospitalization costs around S$5000), which is still affordable, but if there are complications  you can easily pay many times more.

I would say about Singapore's healthcare and other facilities, that you can Google it and get the details. In short, it is one of the best in Asia (100 times better than Pakistan and Kurdistan, Iraq).

Secondly, if you have received DP that means your husband earns more than $5k so, should not have an issue for your future child to obtain a DP. 

There won't be any problem to deliver a baby here except you will spend at least 20 times higher than what you could pay in Pakistan or Iraq (for any complication case of delivery, it may fetch you at least $12,000 or even more - 40 times more than if you will do in your home country or living country). And, the best and affordable hospital for you, could be K K Women's Hospital.

So, discuss with your husband and kith & kins before you decide to deliver a baby here. And, yes ask your husband to check if company can provide you any insurance to cover part of the hospital bills as many companies (I know few big banks or TOP financial institutions including company where I'm working now added delivery is part of employee's partially claim (e.g. a maximum claim limit would be $5k or so which is taxable).

Ok thankyou so much but let me know one more thing that company have provide us medical for me and my children in their job offer.
Is it mean. Maternity would be included in it or not?

You have to check the fineprint!
As I said, pregnancy and birth is NOT included in most health plans in Singapore - the insurances say (quite sensibly, I must say) that these are not health issues, but lifestyle choices.
Some international Expat insurances do cover it, but only after a waiting time (which of course is 9 months or more).
To add to Surya's cost discussion above: A planned Caesarian (without complications, but with 4 days hospitalization) costed us around S$10000. A day in intensive care costs at least S$1000 (for each you and the child). I don't want to scare you (hopefully everything goes well and your baby comes naturally, healthily and cheaply), but it is better to be prepared.

Company may have mentioned to cover the medical expenses of your family and your child (will be included once you provide details after birth) but does not include hospitalisation (your husband needs to clarify with the HR). Secondly, company should have clearly mentioned that medical expenses includes delivery (both normal or caesarean). As I said earlier, there must be a cap limit to claim in those cases, it can't be unlimited amount to claim. My messages are not to scare you rather helping you to understand what's coming in if you are planning for delivery here, should not be a surprise package for you n your family.

Note: As a foreigner you will be paying 3 times higher than a citizen and double of a Permanent Resident for any check up, hospitalisation for delivery, doctor consultation and hospital room rent etc. Good luck.

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