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Asking for a friend - Best travel insurance  for stays of 30 days or less for 65 and older and smokes

No idea, likely best to buy from that end not this one.

I used to purchase online when I travel with before to buy it I searched on the web and didnt find any bad comments, so google it and try to got more info about that company and maybe they works for your needs,  now Im buying a with my local Humano office.

For travel Medical Evacuation Insurance you can use this link for a free quote:


The company is Travel Medevac Insurane,  American company with  over 20 years of experience. Starts at  US 4 per day.

I believe the airlines offer insurances for short stays.

I have used IMGLOBAL a few times with no issues.  Price seemed ok however I had no claims so I cannot tell you how they would have handled it.  Communications have been excellent, good customer service.  I feel confident enough with them to share with you...

Thank you the links shared.

IMGlobal is my insurer... full time - last several years

Pretty good.... most of the time

We have Geo Blue Trekker through Anthem. If you want contact info, message me. Ours is $375 a year.  Includes medivac.

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