How to pay Enfia (property tax)?

Hi Everyone,

I just bought a small apartment in Greece and I am wondering about how to pay the yearly property tax (ENFIA)?I am currently living in the apartment that I bought,  but will leave and not be in Greece by the time the EFNFIA is due in (Septemeber).

I have three questions about this:

Firstly, I bought the property in March. Would I have to pay the 2019 myself, or would the previous owner be elegible for the 2019 ENFIA? It seems from what I gathered online that the ENFIA is paid by  the owner on the 1st of Jauanry irrespective of changes of ownership through the year,

Secondly: I understand that the payment can be done online  via the website, but I do not have a username and do not know if I can even registered.  As I am not a permanent resident  all I have is a AFM number.  I would appreciate any advice on how I can pay the ENFIA, including how I can get a username in the system or any other tips.

Thirdly: I pay municipal tax (TAP) through the electricity bill. When I plan to leave I wiil switch off the electricity supply. Would I still have pay the minicipal tax then, if there is no electricity connected to the apartment?


You have to have with the tax office,if you dont have then it must be set up either by your good self at the tax office nearest to your apartment or your accountant can do it for you for a fee which is not too much,you will get your user name and password,do not loose it ever.Have you submitted your tax returns now to an accountant which you must,they can print out your Enfia monthly payments which you can pay in one go or Nov till Feb installments,usually you will see all that which the tax office requires you to pay on line at your account but if you dont have this you need to do it fast.You can receive a penalty from the tax office if you do not give in your tax returns through your accountant at this time of year.Dont split hairs about who pays the Enfia,you bought the property and are now responsible and took on what has to be paid.Enfia is from Sept to Feb in one payment or installments.We pay with Ebanking,you change your codes very often for security.You will have your water bill to pay,they read the meter,thats not much.Now I dont know what happens with the electricity if you cut it off,you will pay a reconnection fee I believe and in with this bill they add the local council fee,tax,public television fee,TAP,if you disconnect what happens to those fees?You cant sell if some or all of these things have not been paid and are up to date.You must get your account set up,its imperative.

Just to add that when you have your account you will be able to print out the installment or one off dates and there will be a code for payment either at the bank where you can pay or by other means,you can walk in the bank and pay with the payment code which will apply solely to you.

Thanks concertina!

Well today I went to both the tax office (DOY) and the local municipality in my small non-touristy town in central Greece and this is what happened (I do not speak any Greek):

- I got my username and password immediately from the tax office.
- i was told that I am not responsible for the property tax for this year as I purchased the property after the 1st of January, so  I couldn't even pay it if i wanted to, as it goes directly to the tax account of the previous owner.
-I have until the 31st of May of next year to register my property on and I will pay Enfia starting 2020. The notification will be available online and the payment can be made by bank transfer from abroad.
-When I disconnect the electricity, I will have to bring the notification to the municipal office and after that I will be exempt from most of the municipal taxes, I will just be liable for a very small amount (about 10 to 30 euro per year depending on size of property).

Good news for you but I find it strange that you say the ENFIA is paid on 1st January,it is installments from September through to end of Feb every year or a one off payment I presume in that time period.It is not paid on 1st January.When someone buys a property here one of the many requirements for the buyers lawyer is to see full proof that ENFIA payments are up to date and the sale cannot go ahead without it.Your sellers would have paid for Sept 2018 through to end Feb 2019 and you bought in March 2019 so why are they responsible for a property that they no longer own.

No, i didn't say that Enfia is paid on the 1st of january, You are correct to when you say that it is payed either  installments from September through to end of Feb every year or a one off payment.
What I wrote was that the person who owns the property on the 1st of January of any given year is responsible for paying the ENFIA of that year.
So, this could mean that when a property search is performed  by a lawyer before purchse, they check that the current owner has fullfilled all their tax obligations, regarding the property.
This was confirmed by three staff working at the Enfia department of my local tax office.

So if I sold to someone on 2nd Jan I would be responsible for the property tax for one year even though they own it,thats typical Greek,nothing is done fairly,at least in the UK the tax on the property which goes to the local council stops and starts as people come and go from property either renting or buying.The Greek tax office is too disorganised to spend time to work it out and bill people fairly.

Thanks to everyone in this forum for the valuable information on ENFIA!

I was able to log in to the system and get my ENFIA bill for 2019. I am not in Greece for the next few months, and was wondering if there is a way to pay the ENFIA bill online? My friends told me that it must be paid at a bank in person, but I hope this is incorrect. If anyone has paid online and has any instructions (and web address) they can share, it would be very helpful!

Thank you!

Hey greenmarble,

Can I ask you how much you paid in property taxes? I can't find clear information about the % of value and how the value is calculated if it's not based on market value. thanks for your insight.

You can pay it yourself using your banking card trough the gsis system and with your codes. … mytaxisnet

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