EID Holidays

Hi All,

What are you guys in Khobar doing this EID? Trying to come up with ideas on how to make the most out of my holidays.



Hi Sheene! How's your day? I am Lio and we are having an event this coming Friday 07-June-2019, 7:30PM [at] Royal Cuisine near Ramaniya Mall. You and your relatives/friends are welcome to join our FREE program. Just drop me a message to arrange your seats and foods.


Hi Lio_Bisnar... What is it about? Thanks.

Hi Sheene! It's about freedom from work. It's a 1 hour discussion where we have financial advisor that will educate us on how to retire young. It's worth a try and it's free. You will learn a lot for spending 1 hour with us.

P.S: We are not MLM so we do not recruit but we invite to share the knowledge.

If ever you have holidays, welcome to Al-Hasa city, we can hangout on some of historical places, as called, Joatha park, jutha cave, king national park, some open beaches, welcome if you wish to visit anytime.

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