Opening a Bank account in Singapore

Hi Everyone
Now Im working in Singapore my company want me to open a payroll account and its up to me what Bank  i should open they just give me a referal letter. Can anyone of you suggest a Bank?
They said UOB is Better than DBS and POSB.

What do you think guys??

Thank you in advance.
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Go for DBS


All banks in Singapore are similar.
If you want more international services, go for a foreign bank.

Thanks Beppi 😉

Hi Beppi !
I have a question I lost my Disembarkation card and I thought It wasnt need coz my employer didnt asked for it. Now they looking for it they cant Issue me a card or the SPass I guess without that. Do you have Idea what i suppose to do??

Im really in mess can u give an advice regarding this one pls!!

Thank you in advance.

White embarkation card is very import piece of paper. You should not have lost it. Don’t assume things here, if you are not sure should have been asked your employer. It’s not that employer needs it, rather MoM ask for at the time of visiting to their office for biometric verification.

If you lost it, nothing can be done. Request your employer to check with MoM. By right, MoM can get the data from ICA about your entry and other details. This should not prevent getting your S pass card.

This is off-topic here (thus you should have posted it under a different header), but a new white embarkation card can be issued by ICA. You need to cisit them, declare that (and how) you lost it and prove (e.g. by showing the flight ticket) when and where you entered Singapore.

Thank you very much  Beppi and Surya2k 💖 Thanks a Lot guys

DBS would be a better choice

I used OCBC and it was terrible! They closed my account but would not tell me why - I was never overdrawn, in fact had more than the equivalent of half a million Singapore dollars in it. The first I knew of the closure was a text telling me that someone was withdrawing all the money from my account - when I urgently phoned them they just said that it was them. No apologies or explanation - even though I was stressed out with what I thought was a hack.  After that they treated me like sh*t. One possibility to me is that they changed my Personal Manager and I could not understand her accent on the phone so asked if they could e-mail me instead. Also, they suggested I change currencies in my account - they told me the currency in my account was going to fall. I disagreed and I was proved correct. I can give this bank only minus 10 out of 10.

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