Best International Shipping/Delivery from US to Siem Reap

Hi all. I have some rather important mail at my mail service in Texas to get to Siem Reap. I have been looking at the highest service that DHL offers which will get the mail to me in 3 to 5 days. The comparable alternatives for FEDex and UPS take a bit longer and cost a bit less. Since the mail is important, I want to receive it the fastest that I can and just pay for it. My mail service offers all the carriers.

What do you all think of DHL service that is the international express option which guarantees the mail to be delivered to Siem Reap within 3 to 5 days. Have you used that service to ship a letter? This is not a parcel or package. It will be prepared for shipment and shipped by my mail service.

its a hefty price tag but the items are needed.

Thanks for any suggestions or considerations.

Hi all. Just in case you may need this, DHL delivered my express package in 4 days from Houston Texas.  It costs a bit more but you get end to end tracking and notifications. Worked really well for me.

Although I have no experience with DHL regarding documents, I have just ordered a sewing machine and many accessories from the States, care of DHL.
Here is my experience so far:

The precious digital/automatic sewing machine (therefore extremely sensitive during transport) arrived a day ahead of their scheduled date in minty condition. We were informed on time about the change of schedule and phoned in advance with the time of delivery at our door.

I find them to be very friendly, efficient and professional, exactly what we would expect in the States. A really great service.

I'm expecting 7 more boxes to arrive Monday and Tuesday through them, so I'll have more experience after that about their reliability. So far everything worked perfectly.
One of the packages is very light and will travel on its own, not much different than a pack of documents.
DHL here seems to be just as professional as in any country in the West, and just as reliable. I would not hesitate to use them again, for documents too.
We've used them before on an island in the Caribbean where the postal services were totally unreliable and found them to be just as reliable there too. Yes it costs a bit more but I'm willing to pay for my piece of mind, and to guarantee that my parcels DO arrive.

I trust my experience will give you a sense of what to expect from the company.

I particularly appreciate their tracking system, it makes things so easy.

Glad you have had a positive experience. Long may it last. I have had parcel's shipped from the UK. Sometimes it goes well and sometimes not, though they've always arrived eventually. The biggest problem for me is often their transit from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap which has, on occasion, I taken longer than for the parcel to get from the UK to Cambodia.

@ Talliethecat
Wow, that was with DHL? That is quite a bummer, but main thing is that you got it ultimately.
I use a Cambodian name for the delivery, it generally makes things easier.
All the best.

Just for kicks, I'll relate one occurrence shipping from the USofA using USPS International Priority which is somewhat trackable. After it left Bangkok Thailand sorting and customs, it just disappeared from tracking updates completely. I opened an international claim to try to find out what happened. It took about three weeks for the USPS to even acknowledge the claim. It turned out after about a month of looking, the parcel was in the main post office in Phnom Penh and had been there for some bit of time. It was addressed to a hotel here in PP but it just stopped. I had some Khmer friends help out and journey to the post office and retrieve it for me. From start to end it took from December 2018 to June 2019 to get the package. On the other hand, I shipped something sensitive and important to Siem Reap to my airbnb and it was trackable from the time it left until the DHL guy pulled up in front of my airbnb and asked for me. That took about 4 days. I'm glad for the first thing I did not really need it right away. The second thing I did need right away.

oh wow, mpmilestogo.
I've heard other stories about their delivery, not always reliable indeed.
Got another package from DHL today, 2 days ahead of time. Running smoothly  :)