Storage Facility in Siem Reap

I am trying to find a storage facility in Siem Reap where I could leave a very large piece of luggage for an extended period of time (3 to 8 months).  I will be taking numerous short trips around South East Asia, and don't want to have to drag this bag along.  The bag contains items that I will need later, but not during these short trips.

Does anyone know of such a facility?


How big facility do you want?
What budget range do you consider to rent a facility?
Kindly let me know

I only have one piece of luggage to store.  It's about 1 x .5 x .3 meters.  Just looking for some place to keep it safe while I'm gone.  Hadn't really thought about the budget, as I was first trying to find if anything is available.

Hi Ken,

In Siem Reap there are no actual storage facility's. I ended up having to rent a room close to me in order to store my luggage and other containers. The only "true" storage facility I found was located in PP.

ok redsoxgrl, Thanks for the info.  Guess I may have to rethink my plans.  Ken

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