Work Permit / Employment Approval Delay

Hi every one,

I am Ransi sri lankan citizen. I got offered March 3rd 2019 form Maldives company as Operations Manager.Till now i didnt got my work permit.As per company information they keep telling visa still on process, it can be happen? Now already 2 month gone. What can i do? Why its take long time?

Thanks in advance

You can contact the company to see its status. You must not rely on the words of 1 person/company. Keep looking just in case they don't answer.

Dear Sir
Have you recieved your employment approval because this is happening with me also.
Also please let me know how much time it takes because I am also waiting for last 1 month .
Thanks and Regards

Dear Ransi,

Did you get any solutions on this. Because same here in my end. Please let me knw if you have taken any.

Thank you.

Hello guys,

Have someone did receive an employment approval this starting year if you have been waiting for?


Hi guys

I am from pakistan and facing same thing

Its almost one month my employer told me that your Employment Approval still panding from Maldives immigration

But one good thing is that my HR Manager Once in a week keeping me update

If any one have experience already about Maldives late work Visa Issuance please Reply us so we can Relex.

Also How long it will take maximum


Hi friend.

Yes i have Recived my EA this week

I was also waiting from last month but finnaly i got it this week

Dont worry its normally takes 4 weeks

Still waiting???

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