Peru Cuts Tourist Time By 50%

When I flew into Lima last night, Inmigración asked me if I was coming to stay as a tourist.

Last year, when I also visited Lima as a tourist, I asked for and got the traditional 180 days on a tourist stamp.

However, the Inmigración officer told me that as of this year (2019), nobody gets more than 90 days on a tourist stamp.

He told me I could go to an Inmigración office and extend my time by another 90 days if I decide to stay.


Historically, Peru has charged only a dollar a day for tourists who have overstayed their stamps and then are leaving La República.

It will be important for future overstayers to know if the dollar-a-day charge remains in effect (or has been increased) .. or if they should consider doing the paperwork for a legitimate próroga.


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