Might be moving to Miri, Sarawak

I might be moving to Miri, Sarawak for a job.  I am expecting an offer in a few days.
I live in Tennessee right now.  Any thoughts about life for American expats in the area would
be appreciated.  My wife is a pharmacist.  How hard would it be for her to find a job there (does
not have to be in pharmacy)?  Is cost of living really so cheap that I can cut by salary by 1/3?
Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

There is insufficient data for Miri but Kuching is probably representative apart from renting property. Malaysia is definitely very different from the US but there are some Americans in Miri.


Property rental ideas

https://homes.mitula.my/homes/house-for … tracking=1

General employment is usually not relevant because Expats can only be employed where no local Malaysian could do the job. There is no working on a dependent pass. Application for an employment pass has to be made by the employer offering a job. So basically all immigration requirements regarding relevancy of qualifications to job would apply. The job market seems narrow in Miri.

Saw this at Curtin University which might have suitable roles
https://www.glassdoor.com/Job/miri-jobs … 3023306784

Member ID cinnamonape would be good to contact https://www.expat.com/forum/profile.php … mp;lang=en