Looking for information about LANGKAWI

I am looking for someone to provide me with some information about LANGKAWI. I got a job offer there and wonder how life with be for a small family mainly in terms of kids shooling, health care , security and social life

I realy appreciate your help with whatever relevant information

Thanks a lot

Younes  ;)

The main concern will be education for your children.  To my current knowledge, there is no international school on Langkawi. As foreigners are not allowed to send their children to Malaysian national schools, home schooling may be the only option. This would be important to check out quickly. There is an ELC International School on the mainland in Kulim, Kedah.

The entertainment is associated with it being a major holiday island. The housing availability is a potential issue as well. This is because more money can be made out of short term holiday lets than a regular monthly lease payment - this affects availability and prices.  There are some very high end expensive villas that may be for rent, but they may not be convenient for your work location (airport?). But it is possible to drive across Langkawi in about one hour.

The main town on Langkawi is a popular duty free alcohol destination and is a little run down in some areas away from the ferry terminal area. Langkawi is beautiful and very rural - being one of the Islamic heartland areas of the country.

Hello Mafroud,

Langkawi is not really a place for expat families to live. It's more for holidays, expat retired living and recently for property investment. It is also quite well known for birding photography.


Yes I agree what international schools? That ,means home schooling or sending them to a boarding school (one in Penang) that will cost you at least 8k per month PER CHILD.

Don't accept a contract without school fees paid by your company.

Langkawi is tax free, cars cheap as well. Beer and wine very cheap! It is a lot busier than before (unfortunately) and nightlife will be very tourified. Apart from that a sleepy bunch of Malay villages. Lots of scenery and some beaches. Errr that is it! But would be nice for a family in many ways. kids may think a bit backward if teenagers depending on them.

Hospitals means major things go to Bangkok (or KL - Bangkok better)

I just looked, ELC have a school in Kedah (mainland). Quite a commute! Fees less of course than boarding. Not really practical in my opinion but maybe a choice.

Thank you so much for the information


We are considering relocating to this area for work, and also have a young family. Can I ask have you found a solution to the schooling issue?

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Hi everyone, as far as I concern there is an international school in kuah area. It was located behind Bella Vista hotel since Langkawi now being more expat staying here, a lots of improvement has been done by government and KEDA. There is one place which is expatriate and well educated staying at Chogm villa, this is situated in Kuah town behind Lagenda apartment. The villa cost you around myr700k and more if  you wanna buy and will cost around myr2k for monthly rental. Price will be different each time and to expat base on governments of Malaysia rules and regulations. It was a best villa in town which is guarded and gated, and a well management by the management just it quite decent.But you can't judge it for out side. Think, you should check with state of government (KEDA) they willing to help and local people from this Langkawi Island. :top:

I would like to know if you found a solution regarding the school for expat ?

The original post is nearly 4 years old.

The nearest international school to Langkawi that I know is Albukhary International School, on the Albukhary International University campus iin Alor Setar.  Small class sizes, all fully qualified teachers.  Mostly Malay with a few expat teachers for language.

what information more you need about langkawi,

you need minimum 3 days to spend most of the places, the cheapest hotel cost is 100 RM per day
very nice climate, better hire a rental car its very cheap in the airport.

or best would be motor bikes near chang beach

Hi! Thank you for your answer.
And what about locals schools? Are there good ones?Are foreigners allowed?

Thanks for your help.