Cheapest cities in Bulgaria

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Budget is an important consideration when moving to Bulgaria. Ideally, expats would settle down in a city in Bulgaria where the cost of living is low but where they could also enjoy a decent quality of life. Would you be able to give a few tips to someone planning a move to Bulgaria by answering the questions below?

What are the cheapest cities in Bulgaria?

Why are they cheap? What singles them out as a city where the cost of living is low?

What is the average budget for one person living in these cities?

Is it easy to find a job as an expat in these cities? What is the overall quality of life like?

Are they expat friendly? Would you recommend these cities to someone looking to settle in Bulgaria?

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Hello, I am sorrry but there is litte I can say about this subject. We do live in the village Malko Tranovo, 25 Kilometer from Stara Zagora and about 70 Kilometer from Plovdiv. Plovdiv is certainly a living City and offers good Restaurants, historical sites, Entertainment, but the People have the Reputation of being unfriendly. Anyway, we did not have a real bad experience yet. Stara Zagora is a very friendly City, the streets are more like alleyways, lots of trees. We usually go Shopping there on the produce Market (very good and not expensive), but there are also supermarkets. One of them, Kauflland, is lately increasing Prices on a seemingly short- interval pace, and not with 10 or 20 stotinki, but 10-15%!
I do not know it this is really helpful, but we can say that living in a village is really not that expensive.

Hello,  are you planning to come alone or with a family in case  you are married and you have kids. Life in Bulgaria is not so cheap as people think. Well it's cheaper than others countries in Europe.
if you like to live in a village, you can find a house with garden in good price, it's a bit far from the cities. if you would like to live in the cities where you can find work, restaurants, shops, ...     there are some good cities, well developed, very good life and not expensive as Sofia.
if you like to be near the sea, you have to choose Bourgas or Varna,  to go bit far, you have Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Tarnovo.
Plovdiv is beautiful city, it's the second big city in Bulgaria .

I recommend you Veliko tarnovo, since it's very beautiful city and the cheapest of all of them. if you are single, you can rent a flat (1 bedroom) or a studio around 120 euro and you need food around 150 euro. Internet cost around 12 euro (very good internet) and 3 euro for mobile.  you can find dresses in second hand, good dresses and very cheap ( 1 kilo for 2 euro).
Some restaurants are not expensive, you can buy big pizza (700 g) at 3.5 euro

To conclude, you need around 500 euro if you are single to live and enjoy.

The cost of living compared to central Europe or the US is very low.  You can buy a flat for as little as E15,000 if you are ok with a one bedroom or studio, however do not trust any realtor and be sure to check out any attorney you use. 

Finding a job is easier now than in the past as the economy is experiencing some growth in technology and accounting needs.  Also there are many opportunities in hospitality.  Because the cost of living is low, so is the pay. 

The best places to live in order to have it all are Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna, with Sofia and Varna having the more robust opportunities.

The main questions are IMO, 1) what type of area you want to live in, coastal, agricultural, mountainous, etc.
2) what kind of work are you looking for.
3) what kind of life outside of work.

If you want to live in the mountains then you'll be looking at different area's than the coast.

We bought in the North West, but that fits what we want/ need.

Hi. Are the costs monthly or weekly?

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