Running a business as an expat


I'm originally from Perth, Western Australia and am moving to the Philippines in November of this year. So I have a few questions for my fellow expats.

1. What area/town do you live in? And what are it's pro's and con's?

2. Do you run a business? If so, what type of business?
- Do you work from home? If not, where?
- Do you find it hard to motivate yourself?
- How many hours a week do you work on your business?

Thanks for your help!

Holly, Something you need to know,  unless your a Philo citizen or married to a Philo you can't really run a business or own land etc
Even a Philo with dual citizen has do some paper work as the Balikbayan is allowed  up to 1000sm of urban land and  from memory industrial land if they develop it further .
If your not a Philo then you may need to consider have a front person who is a local.
As being a foreigner has its pros and cons . One good pro's is being fluent in the local language which may not be Tagalog depending on where you end up. Whilst they all are Filipinos  they will show a preference to their own language group.

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