Alesis or Roland Electrical drum and amp available in-store in Riyadh?

Hello, im looking for a new electrical drum set, prefer either Alesis or Roland. Aswell as that I also need a new drum amp. Aswell as that i also need nylon tipped drumsticks that will last a while ( if you know anywhere where I can find the drumsticks ). Also, if you recommend a online shop to order from, please make sure the shipping cost to Riyadh is under 500 SAR ( Saudi Arabian Riyals ) for everything. My budget for all of these things combined is 5,000 SAR. I can go up a bit but please try not to go over it unless its really a 'worth it for the money' drumset and amp.

Thank you for reading and I apprechiate your help.

I suppose no one knows where to find a roland or alesis drum set and/or drum amp

I suppose their arent any shops in riyadh that sell roland or alesis drum sets in store

I'm looking for alesis or ronald too, i found trusted store in Dubai and he can ship it to me but I'm not sure about the custom maybe it will be too much, did you found any here?

I found Dawilah shop in Riyadh and went their, they only had 1 electronic drumset and it was very expencive. Could you tell me the website of the Dubai sellers?
Thank you.

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