Dear All,
I just moved in to Dusseldorf, It's been 6 days today. I was living in airbnb as a guest, then I was shifted to Benzenbergstrasse 35, 40219 Dusseldorf as an emergency apart which school provided. I am allowed to stay here only for about one week and I need to move within a week. I am currently looking for a permanent accommodation around 300-400 euros. a room in a shared house, or a room in a shared apart. I am student studying at Idaf institut fur Deutsh als Fremsprache at 104 Karlstrasse Dusseldorf.

It would be good to get an accommodation closer to school within the budget. a quiet place for studying would be preferable.

Thank you.


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Have you checked out the housing section at the to of this page. Ask other students if they know of anything.

It would be a matter of incredible luck to find a place to live in a major German city and move in within such a short time, even if you forgo your other requirements (which are not unreasonable per se) and double the budget.
Therefore I strongly suggest you book a short-term place first (e.g. hotel, hostel, B&B or serviced apartment), even though this will of course cost you more, and then take sufficient time looking for a permanent place.
If you plan to stay less than six months or need a furnished place (which are rare) , it might remain your best option to just continue staying there.

Thank you for reply. Yes I’ll check the housing section

Thanks for reply Beppi.

The problem of finding affordable housing is a serious subject and has been covered on multiple threads on this site. In your case, the best bet would be to go to the University and possible other schools for adults and look for pin-boards where people advertise, offering or looking for, rooms  in shared apartments - known in Germany as a WG.

One will not find their own single apartment for the budget you’ve mentioned. I am setting some links to a few other threads that might help you with this subject and living for cheap in Germany in general. … 45#4662975 … 39#4660419 … 47#4596154

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