Mixed marriage Morocco

Yes you need to get them certified by the legalisation office it costs 30pound per document all done by post all the info is on the gov.uk site

Yes all can be done by post legalisation office all the info is on the gov site cost 30pound per document

I am a british citizen i want to get married to a Moroccan women i need help urgently i have a criminal record but i didn't go to prison i just got a fine will my marriage get accepted?


What is your criminal record for and is it still live or has it been spent?

Doesn’t matter i had a few things on my criminal records they don’t care in Morocco they just wanna see it

Salaam all

Some urgent help please. I've booked my appointment with the British Embassy in Marrkesh in Morocco.

For the documents that need to be legalised and apostilled. I was confused and about to spend a ton of cash to get them translated into arabic and apostilled in the UK. Do i need to do this or do i just simply get the FCO to apostilled my original documents and do all the translation in Morocco?

Does anyone know any translators based in Agadir? my fiance is based in Agadir.

I'm still waiting for my certificate of impendence which i'll also need to get apostilled by FCO.

With the criminal justice in rabat? when should i do this online? near my appointment date?

Did anyone have any issues with their decree absoute, apparently FCO only accept ink based stamp or signature which no court in the UK ever issue?

Did anyone hit this issue?

Would really appreciate some help on this please

Thank you

Get the apostle done by the gov uk website which is only your birth certificate your police certificate and you can do your Certificate of no impediment but you don’t need that no more cause the paperwork the British embassy provides you replaces that 

Regarding translators go on the gov uk website they have all the approved ones in all the cites of morccco  they recommend

And do your police check two weeks before your going and have it arranged to be picked up from where ever you want In Morocco

And get everything translated in Morocco it’s better and will workout cheaper

Jazakallah khairun.


Another question. For the certificate of conversion, I'm already Muslim. I'm assuming I do not need this?

If you have Muslim name then it’s ok i didn’t do this

I am muslim and needed it done. You get this from ladoul in Morocco then needs to be legalised at the local court

Salaam quick update.

I've finished the police interview but it seems they need to send our file to Rabat before we can do our nikkah. Apparently this could take 5 days.

Did anyone else have this experience?


I believe they need to post it to the court where you will get your approval from not send it to Rabat.

If you pay them they will let you take the file with you back to the court from what I hear.

Not ever heard it going to Rabat.

So 7 days after police interview we are still waiting... All I have to say is the police are extremely arrogant, egotistical and lazy. The person we dealt with is extremely bad and lies through his teeth. Extremely bad experience.

Unfortunately we can't risk bribing the police because it's a prison sentence if they decide to not turn a blind eye.

We were told today by police that's dealing with our case that our file will be sent to court today ( note he has been saying this for the last 3 days). It seems again that he has not sent it.

So it's now looking likely that I'll have to return to the UK and come back once he's decided to do his job.

All I can say is rely on Allah and have patience. There are many good helpful people but also many rotten ignorant people who do not fear Allah.

Ensure you book at least 3 weeks off if you can. I'm nearing the end of my 3 weeks here and majority of that was timing waste of the police.

Yes the police are very awkward to deal with out of the whole process this takes the longest  you need to show them your return ticket back and say you need to be back for WORK and they will hurry up the papers for you

Which city are you doing the papers in ??

Don’t be afraid to offer couple of hundreds dirhams but get your miss  to do the talking cause that’s probably what there wanting the whole country loves bribes like Pakistan

Don’t come back to the uk just sit out there and inshallah this will be all finished cause your nearly finished will just cost you more money going back to the uk and coming back to Morocco

This was in Agadir. Alhamdulilah the police processed the papers after us bugging them some more.

I'm glad to say that we did our nikah today.

I would say for anyone going, book minimum of 3 weeks...

Insha'Allah all goes well for everyone

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