Regarding Maldives Visa

Dear sir

I got opportunities one of beach resorts in Maldives...and I done my offer letter..passport copy I'm waiting  Visa..the company said..your Visa under porsse....

I'm worried about it ...I been 8years in gulf..
Never met this kind of long process..please gave me a great answer

Best regards

Hey, am wondering the same thing here . How long does it take to process a working visa . Did you get yours already?

No, I have no idea when will I get visa, I didn't receive offer letter yet

Hi everyone,

I am Ransi sri lankan citizen. I got offered March 3rd 2019 form Maldives company as Operations Manager.Till now i didnt got my work permit.As per company information they keep telling visa still on process, it can be happen? Now already 2 month gone. What can i do?

Thanks in advance

It should take upto a month. Guys, if you dont get a reply from them for long. You should look elsewhere and tell them to give an answer on the status so you can keep looking elsewhere.

Hi did you get your visa alread? Im a filipino and I submitted my papers last March 20

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