For work permit Police clearance certificate is required or not?

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This is Roshan, Newbie..I am from india, and about to receive offer letter. As in web I read police clearance certificate from India, is required to get work permit in maldives. Please confirm if it is really required or not. If it is required after applying that certificate in passport office how many days it will take to get it..please clarify me about this..and share your experience and documents required to submit to get work visa/permit.

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Yes you do need a Police Clearance Report/Certificate from your home country. You need to go to Police Station of your neighborhood where you live and ask them for Police Clearance Report. You also need to get medical done in your country and provide a medical report which says "Fit to work overseas and country of work "Maldives". Normally, your employer will send u a list of documents required for visa processing. But this would be after you accept job offer letter i.e. sign and send back to your Employer. Keep in mind that things are quite slow in Maldives in terms of visa processing etc. and it can take weeks before you will receive a letter i.e. your visa approval from immigration and you need to bring that letter with you. Also keep in mind that you will have to book a flight and send E-ticket copy to your employer because Maldives Immigration requires date of arrival in Maldives before they can issue a visa approval letter.
Hope this answered your question.

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