Expat proposing to move to Nha Trang in Vietnam

Am visiting Nha Trang for 11 days commencing 27/4/2019.
Would like to make contact with an expat living there as I am contemplating buying a condominium & living there 6 months in a year.
Could anybody reading this please put me in contact with somebody.
I have been to Nha Trang on 4 separate occasions & am very familiar with it.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours Sincerely,
Kemsley (Kem) Allison

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Please do not give out your personal contact info on a public forum.  It's not just for your safety, but also against the rules.  You can ask people to contact you via PM and give out your details to them at your own discretion.

We had a contact with family in Nha Trang when we went house hunting in 2007. made the mistake of mentioning how much we had to invest to our contact in the US. Our contact's Uncle took us to several places of varying quality all of which were exactly the amount of money we had mentioned as our budget. We thanked the Uncle and the very next day I walked through some nearby neighborhoods and found some far superior properties for sale, but in the end declining to purchase due to conflicting information on the property laws.

So, play your cards close to your chest, be polite to everyone, and 11 days may not be enough. You'd do better living in a leased property for six months or so to get a real feel for the Nha Trang market. ps. lived out in Dien Khanh in the Citadel for five months in 1968.

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