Tempted with Cyprus

Hi to all,

Hoping someone may be able to help me out here.

I have been considering moving from Asia to Spain or Cyprus (to be closer to family & friends in the UK) and was initially thinking of doing this late 2011 (poss 2012).

However as I work as a Financial Adviser I am concerned with the economy in Europe at the moment. All the reports I am reading out here are pretty negative about Europe in general, particularly Spain and I am hoping someone who actually lives and works there could shed some light on what its like there.

Also anyone living and working In Cyprus your thoughts would be really appreciated.

Because of my job I worry that setting up at the moment might be detrimental to my business, are people actually confident about the markets there ? Are new expats still coming into Spain /Cyprus, Are the big companies still hiring there ?

In terms of getting a job there I already have several open ended offers, however as traditionally in our profession we depend on commissions from writing new business I don't want to turn up there and find the "arse has fallen out of it" and then ending up living off savings for the next 2 years.

My other thought is to hold tight here in Asia for a while longer and see what emerges in Europe for the next 12 months or so.

Potentially looking to move to Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona area of Spain or any area in Cyprus, anybody have an idea of the cost of living in those areas, ie rent, schools, cars ?

What's the expat community like in Cyprus, large or small ? 

Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi europebound,

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I hope you get replies to your queries very soon.

I wish you good luck

Well, so far an excellent response from fellow expats !
Hopefully someone will take pity quite soon and respond ???????

Dear Eurobound my advise stay in Asia. Europe these days is a in financial problems with nock on effect from one EU country to another. Asia is booming on the other hand. Personally spain if far worst than cyprus. Spain has 22% unemployment(45% youngsters) and Cyprus has only 6.5%(30% youngsters). The ex pats in cyprus are a strong community of about 50000 thousands and locals all speak english. Signs and directories asw ell as all goverment documents are in english too.If y decide to come have a written contract first so as to be gover. Hope I was usefull to you. elimas

Thanks Elimas, helpful information.

Is there a turnover of expats in Cyprus, employers hiring etc or is it generally retirees living in the sun ?

Whats the cost of living over there, housing rental, cars, schools etc ?

Any help appreciated.