New members of the Italy forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the Italy forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Italy if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

i wana move to italy and work there. am a nutritionist by profession with a degree in foods, nutrition & dietetics

i am a kenyan.i wana move to italy and work there. am a nutritionist by profession with a degree in foods, nutrition & dietetics

Living in Colico, Italy about an hour and a half north of Milan, Just got my Pemesso renewed.  Retired.

Trying to figure out how to get an Italian driver's license. Puzzling through the health care system.

Interested in language exchange or instruction in Italian.  If there are any hiking, walking, or travel meet-ups would be interested if in or near Colico.

Hi, I'm Katie - I've just moved to Turin as part of my degree course. I'm here until June and just looking to meet some people in/around Turin who may like to go on weekend trips somewhere!

How do you like it in Turin? I've heard it is a fabulous, overlooked city. I am north of Milan an hour and a half.

It's really beautiful! That sounds great!

Good day,

Retired adult TCK/Global Nomad (grew up in Japan, Italy only 2 years in Milano, UK, Indian Country and the States), disabled Vet, Psychologist and sr. RX Counselor. Massage Therapist, Reiki III. MISS living in other countries, States are broken, selfish and greedy. At the moment, living in Portland, OR so happy here...BUT...exploring options...

Hey everyone,
    Still living in the USA but hoping to move part time to southern Italy. Have a few years before retirement.
Question.... Do the taxes their double the cost of purchasing an apartment for a non resident?
Thank you

Hi!  I am currently in Milan for a month, looking for a place to live for about a year, starting Fall 2019.
I'd like to connect with other expats, and make new friends.

Simply I'm male in brescia,Italy.Looking a female character to  enjoy the life.

You need only sound???no more??

Jayasuriya leenas :

Simply I'm male in brescia,Italy.Looking a female character to  enjoy the life.

I suggest that you get out and about and you will meet people.

Hi all,

I've been here in Bari a couple of months, work's been really busy so I've only just had the opportunity to log on here.

Great first impressions of the place, really nice people, great food, lovely wine, I've managed to see a few sights so far but many more to see, when (if?) I have time.

About me? I seem to collect countries like people collect old cameras! I've lived in 8.

Hi there! I'll be visiting Italy for the Leopardi Writing Conference this summer, and I'm looking to connect with expats in Italy -- especially writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Thanks!

I am an American Architect living in Milan since 1992 - Italy. Involved in Cruise Ship Design and owner of a Digital Agency in Milan. Also run an Italian Lifestyle Blog called Casa Chiesi.


I'm Bella, Australian/Italian, living in Altamura, working in Bari - missing living in a multicultural society! I'd love to meet other foreigners, especially to go hiking :)

PM me if you feel the same way.

I am Canadian, but also with Italian citizenship (Jus Sanguinis) through my mother and have living close relatives in the Lazio area whom I have visited fairly regularly over the past couple of years. I am seriously considering taking up permanent residence in Italy.

I speak a little Italian, am retired and my wife and myself live comfortably on our pension income. I am a lover of history, enjoy new technology, do some video editing as a hobby, we are both opera lovers and we do at least one European holiday a year. Our permanent home at present is in Western Canada, close to the mountains.

I would love to take my wife to at least one opera performance in the Caracalla, we have been to one in the colosseo of Verona. Then there remains many unexplored areas of Italy I would love to travel to, such as the Cinque Terre region, Fruili etc. The last region we explored was the Sicilian region in the East.

I will ask questions as I go along.

Hi I'm Kelvin from Singapore, currently living in Milan for close to 2 years now. Looking for people to network and hang out with. Perhaps if you're a sports person like me, we can organise a game of tennis as well. Feel free to hit me up! :)

Hi everyone,
I’m Ali. I’m moving to Modica, Sicily in May. Would love to meet up with anyone local to the town, or in Sicily generally.

im coming soon

I'm an American/Italian women. I would like to move there in September and would like to meet expats. But in the meantime, I'm looking for advice  and/or on realtor contacts on apartment hunting because I live in Genoa.
I'm looking for a permanent residence on the top floor near the center of the city (20 mins walking time) I am very responsible and would carefully take care of the property. Happy for any advice or any contacts you can supply.
Btw - I will be there MAY 6th till the 15th if anyone would like to meet up! 😄 Warm regards, Judith  Grazie! (Also how do you like living in Palermo?)

Hi, I'm from London, England living in Germany. I will be moving to Bari this year sometime. I am already researching and gathering information about the place. Hopefully I get to meet some of you soon.


I am from the United States (Boston) and plan to move in the next year to Sicily (Trapani/Valderice area). I am a nurse, but I am transitioning to a career in the wine industry. Looking to network and research my move.


My name is Elise - and I am recently (early) retired from the US government - and exploring places I might live/spend more time in during retirement - in the Mediterranean region.  I will spend more than six weeks staying in several places in southern Italy, including Lecce (where I arrive today), the Amalfi Coast area and Cilento (in Campagnia).  Would love to connect with expats in these places who could share stories and advice! 


I am thinking to move to Italy but I have do not know how much I will pay in taxes
Any of you can help?  Grazie  Romanina!!!!

Hi - Rhea here.  My husband and I have land in Abruzzo (near Atessa and Vasto).  It is a long term project to set up a residence there.  We have been learning slowly how to navigate all the Italian processes - not easy for sure!  Our next big things are to change the car registration and exchange an Irish driving license for an Italian one.  Wish us luck!

Hello everyone!
I'm Brazilian and I'll be moving to Venice in September (soon!)

I'm a future student at Ca' Foscari University. I'll spend the next 3 years in the city.
Hope to find some friends here =)


Chris from Port Elizabeth in South Africa.
Retired and seriously considering moving to Italy but concerned about affordability.
Have heard that living in the South, e.g. Puglia or Basilicata would be more affordable, but would love to hear from any ex-South Africans in the region who have made the move.


Good day I’m Renetia and would love to move to Italy for work. I’m a Somatologist and have worked abroad on cruise liners before and also at the Taj Mahal.

I absolutely loved the little city called Gaeta where my partner is from.

Can anyone please tell me why my account keeps getting locked out?
I only recently joined the site and was trying to simply make contact with some other users.
The first time it happened after I sent two messages trying to contact other users.
Then when the account became unblocked three days later, I tried to send a message to the system admins to ask why this happened, and it was just blocked again!!
If this message results in my account getting blocked again I will simply say goodbye.

Hi everyone,
I’m Gisele from Australia 🇦🇺 moving to Milan in August on a working holiday visa and currently looking for a job. I don't speak any Italian and was wondering if it's possible to get a job without any knowledge of the language. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Ciao everyone,

My name is Carole and my husband been thinking of moving to Italy.  My husband is Italian by both his parents but I'm not,  :sosad:

Frankly we don't really know where to start.  Do we rent or buy?  Where to settle down?  How about the health system in Italy, how is it?

What we absolutly have to avoid doing? and so on...

Do you think that you could give us some pointers?

I can't wait to read you.

Welcome, Carole :)

Unless you know the area why would you buy? I recommend visiting several areas that cater to your lifestyle. So rent first. Maybe take a trip out and visit?

Hello! I'm Andreea and I'm currently searching for a job abroad, preferably Italy  :) . I'm an experienced professional with 5 years of experience in the banking sector. I live in Bucharest now and I'll be happy to offer you any relevant information about the city  :)

Hello there,I'm new here is there many mountains to hike or different natures there in Italy to hike in?

Hi good morning  I am new here .I have interested to go ,work and experience what is in therein Italy. Especially Nature's
And some Environmental things care..

I look forward to participating in the Italian and especially the Tuscan Expat community.  Moving to Bucine (near Siena and Arezzo) in the autumn of 2019 with my partner.  We are young and youthful retirees excited to call Italy home.  Please check out my profile and say hello.  Thank you.

Hello I've been searching an available job in Italy. About environment or how can I help about it.And try to learn more about Italy

hello all, I'm an expat living in Italy since 1997. I've worked in many areas typical for an English mother tongue speaking person. I left a full time job at the UN in 2013 and have been free lance since then. I'm looking for part time work helping people with their gardens, plants, animals, home management and things of that nature.

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