New members of the India forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi all,

Newbie on the India forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in India if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

We are a small family that is planning to move to Banglore in August 2019. We have not looked for any jobs & accomodation yet. Having lived in USA for 15 plus year our biggest fear is the pollution and traffic which we want to avoid as much as possible. We have a 9 year old for whom we are looking for an international school with IB curriculum. It's a big transition and we are bit nervous.

Things we don't have or don't know how (yet) are:

1. Aadhar card
2.Bank account
3.No idea about anything in Banglore or in fact any other city.
4. School systems. Our daughter is not comfortable even to discuss about the topic. Hope she will be ok.
5. Not sure of Job search.
6. How to look for a place to live?

In New Jersey atleast it's easy to pick a place to live...go for the best schools! Since transportation is there to the city never had issues.

Please advise and share your thoughts. Thank you for your time.

Hello !

My names T-Kay,I'm from Zimbabwe. New in Mumbai.  Looking to make friends and to socialize with fellow expats because right now I have none, sad story haha


Please don't be nervous first of all. I am not sure on why did you made the decision for shifting prior not looking for job and accommodation and why Bangalore only?
India is a wonderful country with lovely citizens willing to help. I would request your to explore , New Delhi, Gurugram, Haryana and Hyderabad, Telangana too as your option.

I will guide you on how to proceed for the following:

1. Aadhar card:Are you Indian Citizen/ NRI/foreigner.

Aadhar Card can be made easily by visiting the Aadhar centres with required documents like address proof, identity proof etc

2.Bank account:

Easy to open in a Private bank but they too will want address proof and identity proof. Once Aadhar is available then you can use it as a proof subsequently

3. No idea about anything in Banglore or in fact any other city:

New Delhi, Gurugram Hyderabad and Bangalore are cities where lot of MNCs are there and mostly IT

4. School systems. Our daughter is not comfortable even to discuss about the topic.: You have lot many good schools in these cities and if you are exploring Delhi then you also have American Embassy School which teaches the same curriculum. There are many IB, IGCSE schools available. These schools in Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru and Hyderabad will have students from multiple countries, so she may make up easily and may not miss her friends

5. Not sure of Job search:

Please suggest area and your qualifications and may be I can help

6. How to look for a place to live?

Please finalize city first based on Job and admission. Please act fast as admission process have started

I am using the above method of sharing because expat does not allow to share mails. i hope you got it.please text me Hi and I will try to help you to maximum.


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Hello Im new here.
I havent been in any country outside the Philippines but I wish I could go to India If theres a chance

I am Aisha, from Egypt. I am new to Expat but living in Delhi since 2017.
I would like to share my story and more importantly listen to others' stories.

First of all nice to know that you are moving to India after 18 years stay in US. I also done the same but after 5 years firstly I moved to Bangalore, now moved to Mumbai.

There are lot of good schools in Bangalore, climatewise very nice city, eventhough traffic block is cumbersome. I am sure you will find it good.

Basically where you hails from India, everything depends upon your root too. Aadhar, PAN and things can be made very easily since now a days everything on line.

If you have any more queries please let me know, something can be addressed.


I just move  from dubai to Mumbai  after 12 years in UAE
Im Egyptian and still searching for friends to share time  with
Very difficult to fond arabs here . I try to manage

Hi everyone, I’m new here.

Originally from Mumbai and have worked in USA and uk.

Looking for career opportunities in Europe and Singapore now - ping me if you can help!

Hello everyone,

Maybe I'm moving to the north of India "Chandigrah" soon and I need informations about the life and living cost in there.

Thank you

Hi Kholita
I have lived in Chandigarh and can be of some help.
Let me know if there is anything specific that is worrying you.


Rahul Monga

Dear kholita
Chandigarh is a well planned city and the cost of living is similar to Delhi. It is has a good nightlife too.

Thanks for being helpful,

I'll let u know once I be there

God Bless u

You are welcome.

Hello Everyone,
i am New bee here, honestly i have no idea how would i start here.

i am Indonesian and planning to move to CHennai, would be appreciate if you guys can help and assist me.
Do we have Indonesian community in Chennai?

THank you so  much and kind regards :)

Salam belal.
Hows u?
Just text me back if u r still looking for friends.
I am an Indian doctor, looking to expand my friend circle :)

Hi, I'm living in Forte Kochi. I have a year long visa and am teaching English here. It'd be great to meet up with any other expats living here. If you're out there, lemme know

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