Residence Permit in Sweden

Hi, I am Fai from Cebu, Philippines 🇵🇭

I am here to really know about the immigration process to get a residence permit to Sweden. I also want to hear all about your experiences of you good folks on the internet about it 💕 (I haven’t applied yet)

Here’s a nutshell about my relationship:

My boyfriend and I are both of the same age (both turning 23 this year 2019) and we have known each other for 3 years and weve been in a relationship for almost 2 years already. He had visited the Philippines 4 times and I have visited him once last November 2018 to January 2019. The trip really went so well and I’ve met all his family members. On the trip, his family, him and me were discussing about moving to Sweden and getting a residence permit. Me and my boyfriend really want to start our lives together. As for a kickstarter, he purchased a new apartment for us. He also has a stable job already and can meet the monetary requirement per year.

We have NO plans to get married yet this year but we definitely will do that when we reach 25. Marriage is so important in the Phil and it’s important for both of us too but we don’t want it rushed. But if it really takes a ring on the finger then we’ll think about it 💕 (Can marriage really affect the decision making?)

We really want that residence permit within this year despite the fact that theres no exact turn-around-time for it. Were both crossing our fingers and we are fervently  praying for it to be approved when we are going to apply.

So, I really need to ask these:

1. What is the best option which is likely to get an approval: Cohabiting or Marriage?

2. Is a sambo visa the same as a residence permit?

3.  Kindly Shoot me a link to know the detailed info about this whole link if possible.

Thank you in advance!

its complicated, whatever , doesnt matter if sambo or mariage regarding residence permit...but, your boyfriend as sweden citizen could go to migrationsverket agency and ask about all the steps you need to do, there is nothing better to ask here :)

Thanks for replying :) did you submit all documents online? Or did you let an agency process it for you.

Do they offer a different result?


I am sorry since your post had been already answered I thought you also have got the information you wished for. Here you can read everything … rtner.html

" an agency process it for you." I do not know what do you mean by this as to my knowledge an applicant must do it by him/her self and also pay an application fee by own debit card. Yes online application process is bit faster.  All the best!

Hi Fai!

I am also a Filipina with a Swedish boyfriend. I'll go directly to your questions and try answer them as clearly as possible, based on my experience and understanding.

Since the link to MV has been shared with you, I'll skip question #3.

1. What is the best option which is likely to get an approval: Cohabiting or Marriage?
--> I really don't think getting married is necessary. Before my boyfriend and I applied for a residence permit, we've heard this advice a lot of time. But just like you, marriage, for us is a big step that needs to wait, we wanted to live in together first and learn more from each other. We almost took marriage into consideration but we realized that we didn't want to marry just because 'we needed to'. Honestly, one of the reasons behind is we wanted to show that we're in a serious and genuine relationship by choosing NOT to marry for a visa. After all, there are lots of cases of married couples who got their visas denied. Before we applied for both a residence permit and a visitor's permit, my boyfriend called the Migration and asked for recommendations. He told about our story and asked about what was the best option we had. Everything we did was based on what the Migration requires and advised, and I don't think marriage is on the list. After 17 months of waiting (with him visiting Philippines thrice and me visiting Sweden once in between) our application for the residence permit got approved...without wedding bells. As long as you meet the requirements and prove that you are in a serious and established relationship (which I think you can prove since you have been together for several years) the Migration will grant you a residence permit with or without rings and wedding bells.

2. Is a sambo visa the same as a residence permit?
--> From what I understand, "Sambo" is a term for "living in together outside marriage". So it's basically cohabiting with your partner. Residence permit is your visa to live in Sweden. What I am not sure of is if they have  separate applications of residence permit for married and unmarried couples. It's best to check out the website or call the migration.

I hope this is helpful.

Best of luck and stay in love!! ❤❤❤


Thank you so much for replying!
You don't know how much you put me at ease. <3

I really don't care about the waiting time, but I just want to know the chances. My boyfriend and I submitted our application last night and here comes the long wait :D but I hope it's not too long. Anyway, I am going to visit Sweden this coming May and I have read that if I visit Sweden the waiting time might be extended :(

But thank you for the reply though! We are not really focused into marriage as of the moment, but we have plans but it's indeed too early to do so.

Hey guys ! My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for two years . He visited me twice . I’m Kenyan . We decided it’s best if I get to visit him first in his home country. I have no job . But he has a stable job and an apartment that can fit both of us . Could there be any chance I’ll get denied a visa because I’m not working?

Yes it is possible because you dont have any strong ties to your country that will bring you back.
The best thing is to apply for a residence permit

I don’t think so. As long as he is stable enough to support both of you. My job is not stable also and I submitted a proof of income that was even so low but still they approved my visa.

I applied for a residence permit in july 2019
Kindly asking how long does it take to get an Email from mv to be scheduled for an interview.....
Me and my fiancee we've been together for two years
Been to Sweden a couple of times and he has been to kenya too

Hi good people.

My husband and I applied for my resident permit  on April through online.i went for my interview on July 30th in Nairobi and ever since I haven't heard or received any email from Swedish Immigration about the decision,It's been now 10 months down the line and I'm already suffering from anxiety and depression,,My husband is a Swedish based in Sweden and I am a Kenyan and I can't travel to him even with a visa till I get the decision.

My question is has anyone who applied in 2019 gotten the decision yet??

Looking forward to hear from any of you.


Hi Shamamish

Noticed you applied after me,Any news yet?

Hi Riggo,

I've apply the visa on 18 Feb 2019 and had interview on 13 Jun 2019, until now my case still not assign to any officer yet. We (both of my fiancee and me) send email to ask the progress every 3 months and the last one was sent yesterday.  I would wait their reply but may request the mv to make a decision for my case within this June 2020 -- if possible.
Hope all of us will get a good news soon.



I also applied in 2019 and did my interview in Oct 2019. Still no feedback from MV and it seems no case officer has been assigned to look into my case.

I’m being told MV is prioritizing Requests for Asylum seekers first because such applications are expensive and time consuming and want to be done with backlogs.

Hello ,

I just want to ask if you have any Idea , I applied last February 6. 2020 a residence permit my husband is a Swedish citizen but he is retired. We just knew for a year and He went here in Thailand for us to get married were living for 3 months before we got married. Do you think they're going to approve my case?

Thank you!

Thought you have just mentioned you had interview on December??or which other interview are you asking about?if you have already gone for a interview,,what you will get now is  a decision not more interview😊..i did my interview on July and no news yet,,Last Month my husband called them and he was told waiting time is 14 to 17 months from the day you submit your application.

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