Residence permission to live as a "zambo" with my boyfriend in Sweden

Hello everyone in the group!!! 🤗

My boyfriend is Swedish and I am Colombian! We want to move together in Stockholm, but we have some questions that hopefully you can help us to clarify about the application for the residence permission. We have been searching information about it but the things we have found arent so clear at all.

We want to know how long takes the process to get a residence permission in Sweden? Shall we need to show to migration we have a relation of many months, years? Its difficult to get that residence permission? In the case of my boyfriend does he should prove he has been working in a company for a while? Or it doesnt matter he is just starting a new job? Can I visit Sweden as a tourist at the same time we are applying to I can get the residence permission?

Whats the easiest way to get a residence permission? Is easier if we marry? Can we marry if I am there as a tourist?

We will be so thankful if you can help us to see whats the best option for us according to the experiences some of you had have regarding this topic! Looking forward to your answers! Thanks!

I read you post and it gave me an impression that you haven't bothered to refer to migrationverket
website or the posts on this forum. The term is "sambo" and you'll find a lot information on this website pertaining to your kind of situation.

We have been reading a lot on migrationverket.

But there is not clear information about how long take the process to have an answer if the permit was approved or not ( talking in months ) in the forum people say it can take 6,8, 10 depends...but we want to know this more specific.

Also in the webpage and in the forum...dont say how long we must to have of relationship to apply for that kind of permit....and if my boyfriend should prove he has been in a work for a certain time. We just want to be together as soon as be possible and thats why we are asking for the advices of people of thats why I asked if is easier if we get married...or if we have a kid.

Either way thanks for your answer ekhfaiz!

Hopefully somebody else can help us and guide us with more clear information from their personal experiences.

Yes it depends because each country and person have their own set of documentation. Then there are specifics to your relationship, then your and your partner status related information. Plus there are other considerations for high risk countries. This is just the high level break down of information, there is scrutiny for fraudulent information too.... start combining all this there is no specific answers. At least from all people (known to me) who have got partner visa it has taken more than 12 months.

No offence but "zambo" reflects a lot. Nevertheless good luck :)


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Hi Karicol22, the waiting time for temporary residence permit is faster than permanent permit. You can apply temporary permit with sambo, you do not need to marry, of course if you guys want to marry, you can do it but it won't fasten the process. With temporary residence permit (normally 2 years), you can stay in Sweden. Depends on your educations and skills, you will allow to work with your temporary permit, some cases they don't allow to work, only study. After 2 years you can apply for permanent residence permit. It doesn't matter how long you have known each others, as long as you can proof your relationship. You need to wait in your country for the permit. I'm not sure if you can marry when you travel to Sweden, ask your boyfriend to find out more information from Skatteverket. Hope it helps.

I don't know how (or if) things have changed but it used to be very easy. As long as you were living with a Swedish national (married or not married) you would automatically be allowed to stay in Sweden. You could get a temporary residence permit (for maybe 6 months) and after renewing it every 6 months for 2 years you would be a permanent resident. BUT .... maybe things have changed. I don't know.

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