Keeping fit in France

Hello everyone,

Keeping fit during your time in France is of utmost importance. How about sharing with us and your fellow expats how you keep healthy in your host country?

What are your daily health hacks in France?

Do you exercise regularly? What is your go-to sport?

Do you manage to keep your diet healthy and balanced? How easy is it to maintain a balanced diet in France? Are you able to find organic products easily?

Are there national or local incentives to foster a healthy lifestyle: sensitisation campaigns, sports infrastructure etc. ?

How much of your monthly budget is dedicated to keeping fit?

Please share your experience,


Dear Iam Saigopinath recently I came to Rennes since Iam too interested in fitness I joined gym in our area called basic fit it's affordable they don't have trainer but you can get fitness app which provides good info about workouts morning I do cardio and fitness evening I do mass training and core
Hope I will meet fellow Indians in Rennes since everyone in my gym is French persons except me and diet regarding eat breakfast well and take general Indian food at afternoon and night supper take fibre food or   little food or chicken breast with red wine
Hope it helps nice meeting you all contact me if any wants suggestions

I think Europe in general is great for outdoor work outs so if you want to keep fit you can. Gym concept is also on the rise in all Europe. With a bit of workout and healthy nutrition you can keep fit anywhere

Bonjour Tout le Monde,

I found a reasonably priced gym so I've signed up and go 3-4 times a week.  The more often I go, the better for me.  I also try to eat a healthy balanced diet.  I eat everything in moderation though I have to say that I drink quite a lot of wine.  Well, I'm in France so why not!!  I also default on taking the stairs versus the elevator so the exercise is incorporated in my daily routine.  Weather dependent, I prefer to walk to where I need to go or get off perhaps 2-3 stations before and walk to my destination.

C'est la vie!

What do I do now that I've moved to France?  I've done Bikram yoga (and other yoga) for years.  I decided to live in France where I could continue that, and still have all I wanted when I moved to France -- the sea! warmer climate, beauty.  Nice, France answers that.  A lot of walking.  Nice is mostly flat, and everything and everywhere you might want to go is within walking distance.  Therefore, my exercise is answered rather organically.  Food, easy:  I eat mostly simply with what is in the market, fresh.  Eat out for occasions, not as a regular practice, so easy on the waistline. Ah, yes, my big "keep healthy" expense is the Bikram yoga commitment, but that's my "other health insurance".   Decide your priorities and go with that -- that will keep you healthy. Be happy with your life, that is # 1.

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