Should i move oman with 522 Omani Rial against salary of 55K in hand

522 Omani riyal = 95K INR

In india E commerce startup but risky job Salary 55k
In Oman   again E commerce startup but booming space new founders chance of grow 200%

Offering:  Company offer full package salary of 95k INR 525 Omani Rial   (No Food/Accomodation/Trave)

Need Suggestion Should i move or not

In India Living with Parents so no rental no food Person status  Bachelor

Hi saurav356,

Ultimately what do you want is the only question you must seek an answer to.

You are single. So taking risks is not too bad.

Salary offered is average for a junior level position.

Seeing another country is always good.

In terms of your career growth do not expect much.

Jobs security is another concern you need to be aware of.

Please do not jump back with more questions.

Read the many other posts on the forum first for you to get a very clear picture of what and what not to expect.

If you have any genuine questions which have not been addressed before please post them.

This article will bring you light

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