I now have two visas and am not sure which is valid

Hello all, Bom Dia!

I've been lurking on this forum for some time as it is such a great source of info, but am stumped with a question of my own that I've never seen before so thought I thought I would make a post!

I'm originally from Australia and have been living in Rio for the past 5 months on a tourist visa (not overstaying, did the extension). I left the country to spend Christmas and New Years with family, and when I arrived back at the airport yesterday, to my great surprise was given a new 90 day visa stamp in my passport! My original visa will hit the six month limit in early February, but the new stamp in my passport is valid until April, so what should I do? Has this happened to anyone else before? On the one hand, my gut tells me the "6 months per year" law is pretty clear, but on the other-hand... If I were to only show the border agent my new stamp on the way out would they care to check the rest of my passport?

I'd really appreciate any legal or anecdotal advice from anyone in the know. Cheers, e feliz ano novo!

It may only be an entry stamp. I would think Visa is the official record. Maybe a trip to the PF will help. Always good to know for sure.
Before obtain Permanent Res. I live close to Argentina and went often. Each crossing I was given a new exit and entrance stamp (even had to get extra pages in passport). Now once I received the "protocol" number I was fine as to Visa.

Thanks for the response! That would probably make the most sense, it was literally on the other side of the page with all my existing visa info. The only thing that does still confuse me a little bit is she quite clearly said, 'Se diverta, tem 90 dias' when she stamped my passport. Just to double check, the entry stamps have numbers written in the 'Clas', 'Doc' and 'Prazo' fields too, correct?

Did you fill out a cartão de entrada/saida and they kept half?
I really do not want to say anything that is incorrect.
I assume if your vias has a date and they check and you overstayed you may be subject to a fine.
New laws are just that, "new". So I would still ask.

Hmm, no I did not. Now that I think about it, I wasn't even offered one this time round. Actually, when I went to extend my visa last year the official said that I didn't need to present it. I will send an email to the consulate and the PF and see what they have to say about it. Thanks for your advice!

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