A sister of a born child citizenship

Dear All,

As I know If a child is born in Brazil then he or she will get the Brazilian passport.
The question is, Is there any possibility that the brothers or sisters of the child has a chance
of getting the Brazilian passport ?

You will be granted "Permanent Residency" not a passport if your under 18 years old, Secondly your father or mother will have to apply for "Permanent Residency" for all of you as you cannot apply solo in this case!

You will have to apply as a family unit because of your sister and you have to do this from "Within Brazil" you cannot do it from a consulate abroad!

Hope this helps you :) best regards,
Mr. Duncan

Thanks Daniel for the valuable information

But my daughter is two years old ? her sister will born in Brazil.

Can she get the passport? or permanent residency only ?

As long as your daughter is born in Brazil and you get her birth certificate you and your 2 year old daughter will get permanent residency, after a one year residency within Brazil and the ability to speak and write decent portuguese you can apply for naturalization, once that's approved you can finally apply for the passports for you and your 2 year old daughter!

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Mr. Duncan

Thanks Mr. Duncan for the valuable info

Glad I could be of help :)

Mr. Duncan

I and my family have permanent residency on the basis of my son who was born in brazil in 2015
I and my family (my wife and my 2 daughters of 8 year and 2 years now) received my RNE in 2016.
After which we left brazil and went to the country where we are based and have business for the past 16 years.
We have come back here(brazil) about a month ago
I need to know if we can apply for citizenship right now or do we need to have a physical residency for 1 year.
And if no how should we proceed to apply for citizenship next time and when?

Respected Duncan,
How are you and how's everything going on your side.

I want to know
1- Documents are required for RNE? You have any list or any website where it is written?
2- I am having a baby soon. Can I apply for my family and my parents altogether after childbirth? Becoz i heard that first I (father of child) will receive RNE and then I can apply for my parents ( child's grand parents)?
3- Any idea about how much time they will deliver RNE in florianopolis?


Hello Duncan,
I read on a forum that u recived your RNE.

If so, congrats


Dear Hashim,

Yes you can apply now after preparing some documents, a friend of mine applied just 3 weeks ago.
His son born in Brazil in January 2016 , and he went back home on the same month, he came back to Brazil in February and submitted his documents 3 weeks ago.

Hashim777 you need to have "PHYSICAL RESIDENCY" within the country for 1 Year before you apply for naturalization and even though the one year requirement is not mandatory, it "MAY" complicate your case because all absences from the country must be justified and the reasons need to be very important so if you left just for work i doubt would be a good enough reason to justify and your application might be rejected.

The first reason for the one year requirement is to certify that all applicants have been law abiding and have no criminal record within that one year time time frame, Second reason is to pull up your CPF to certify if you have been paying any taxes within that one year to help move the country try forward.

I don't see how you being absent in the country will help the ministry of justice prove any of these things!

So even though your application might be accepted with all your documents at police federal, The Ministery Of Justice "most likely" will decline and ask that you apply later after the one year "Physical Residency".

You seem to have a big family and paying all those GRU's for each family member just to get the application declined won't be a very smart move so my advise is to wait the one year with your family here, make sure you and your wife use your CPF on every thing you buy so it's looks nice when the check to see if your paying taxes, then lastly make sure everyone of your family stays crime free for the year and there's a 99.9% chance you will get approved for the naturalization.

Hope this information helps you.

Mr. Duncan

Thank you mohsinsh66, yes my application was accepted and everything was approved, received my RNE# and protocol slip, just waiting for my actual physical CIE card to be made in Brasilia and shipped back so I can pick it up at my local Police Federal.

The official link to all documents required for the process is:

http://www.pf.gov.br/servicos-pf/estran … brasileira

The answer to your second question is you would be able to apply for permanent residency for just you and "your immediate family" That means you, the mother of your child and any other children under 18 you have may apply for Permanency. Your parents and grandparents  are unfortunately ineligible in this case.

The general wait time the Police Federal give for collection of the physical card is about 90 days but it should "usually" get it within 60

Hope this information helps you.

Mr. Duncan

Welcome Duncan
That is for sure that my parents can apply for RNE but i want to know that they can apply with me or they can apply when i receive my RNE?

Now question is why they are eligible?
They are eligible becoz they are dependant on me as my other childrens. If my childrens are eligible they are too eligible.

Which city you are and when are u expecting your CIE will come?


By fabrary you mean feb 2017?

Policia faderal dont ask why he lived out of brazil for such a long time.

What i believe that if once documents are collected they dont reject your application? Is it?

You have any experience that some one stayed out of brazil in that first year and still he got nationality?


Dear Mohsin,

Yes my friend came in Feb 2017 and he stayed one year abroad. it seems that this depends on the city. for example, a friend of mine yesterday applied for permanent residency on the basis of his son who was born in this month. They gave him a paper states that after 60 days will be given a stamp in his passport, just 4 days ago some one got it from the same police federal in the same day.

Hi Memocob

I believe you are mixing a few things up.  Specially since on your other posts you didn't know what the difference between a "Protocolo" which is the "piece" of paper that your friend has received and what the stamp that the Policia Federal has placed on his passport is.

I also noted that you are fairly new to Brazil and have just entered the country recently after being a member of the expat.com for about 6 months. 

Hence I would appreciate that for any legal process that you give advice to people on that you try to provide a legal back up or source to go along with the answer wherever possible. 

I am stating this with regards to the Naturalization process beginnings after 1 year where you have stated that the person wasn't in the country at all.  This type of information will confuse other members of "expat.com" specially since it is going against the "laws" put in place by Justica Federal and enforced by Policia Federal.

A person  can get lucky whereas the interviewing officer in Policia Federal overlooks the fact that they were not in Brazil for an entire year and just accepts there application however as per "law", a minimum residency in Brazil of 1 year is required in order for a person to apply for the Naturalization process. Along with the applicant being fluent in basic Portuguese.

This is still based on what the Justica Federal and Policia Federal mention as the "Ordinary Naturalization" however the minimum period of residency of 4 years gets reduced to 1 year for anyone who is the Parent or Spouse of a Brazilian Citizen.

I am copy pasting the exact question and answer for the basic explanation of the process written in Portuguese on the Justica Federal website below: 

Quais são as modalidades de naturalização? (What are the different types of Naturalization?)

Naturalização ordinária - para quem tem permanência, mora no Brasil há quatro anos, saber ler e escrever português e não tenha condenação superior a um ano;

(Ordinary Naturalization - for those who have a permanent residence, have lived in Brazil for four years, know how to read and write Portuguese and have no conviction for more than one year;)

I have also taken the liberty of translating the details from Portuguese to English in order to avoid confusion.  Please pay heed to the words "mora no Brasil ha quatro anos" which means "have lived in Brazil for 4 years". 

Always keep in mind that overall there are no shortcuts,  somethings  which seem too good to be true usually are.  As always the more we are keen on following the rules and regulations of this country the more chances we have to prosper.

Also for your reference and for the other members of the forum you can find the link for the entire answer with regards to Naturalization listed below:

Justica Federal-Naturalization Questions and Answers


Dear Stanza

Thanks for the information, yes I am new in Brazil however, in regards to my friend who applied his documents.
His son was born in Jan 2016 and left the country that month, came back only in Feb and submitted documents a month ago. Now he is waiting for the police visit to interview him and arrange for language test day.

Hi Memocob

Greetings of the day!

I wish your friend the best of luck for his venture.  As I said that a few people might get lucky.  But that situation will not apply to a 100 percent of the applicants.  Hence always try to note that the advice we give a few people take to heart and when they find out that this is not applicable in there situation they will just be disappointed.

Hence I have provided the exact link given by the government for the people to follow.

Also things differ from state to state.  For example for me , I was given the language test on the same day I applied for naturalization.  Also I had to clearly mention the times when I exited and entered the country along with a justification for each time that I traveled.

Wishing your friend the best of luck and wishing you a great day

Thanks Stanza for the clarification

You are welcome :) 7abibi enta!


Take care and have a great day!


The PF are just document collectors for the Ministery of Justice!!!

Unlike the Permanent Residency the fact that they accepted your application does not mean it's going to be approved!!! That's totally up to the Ministery Of Justice who will "REVIEW" the application entirely!!!

Once it's forwarded to the Ministery Of Justice they will check if you have met the minimum residency requirement amongst other things like the criminal records, the minimum one year was put in place to monitor if you have been crime free within that time period, check if your paying taxes to help move the country forward and also to allow you some time to pick up the language and customs of the country.

One more thing the Ministery Of Justice does that people have failed to mention on this website is search through INTERPOL DATABASES to see if you do not have an International Search Warrant!!! They do this because they have made mistakes in the past issuing Naturalization then Passports to international fugitives seeking shelter under Brazils famous non compliance with extradition of its citizens and are trying very hard to shed this image now so please be advised.

Personally I think it would be nice if the Ministery Of Justice updates thier website to inform would be applicants of the various steps involved with applying for the naturalization process because for an example they also make suprise visits to applicants "Sometimes" for an interview home and they check to see if you really are married or if you really have that child, this happened to a friend of mine on this forum who can verify just what am saying, he is the one who informed me of what PF told him after they were through with the interview and the next step was to run his profile through the INTERPOL DATABASE to make sure there were no international search warrants.

Hope this information helps everyone :) especially would be applicants.

Best Regards,
Mr. Duncan

There is no police visit in the case of basis of parole. The rules changed in 2015. Please tell your friend that.
You need to get the facts right. I agree with stanza that you seem to have half baked information and are confusing people.

which city was your friend in when he had a 'surprise ' visit? Was he in some sort of trouble ?

The police visited him the day before yesterday, and they arranged a language test for him after 10 days.
Referring to half baked information, I would prefer to avoid using this language cause here is not the right place.


Just in case you question was directed to me, I would like you to know that my last post was made in reference to "NATURALIZATION" not Permanency and the rules your talking about that changed in 2015 apply to "Permanency".

Naturalization is a whole different ball game and there "MAYBE" a visit made by police federal prior to approval , this happened to a friend of mine. He applied from somewhere in the Interior of Sao Paulo.

The next step he mentioned that was told to him by PF was to ran an interpol background check to see if he had any international arrest warrants. My friend is not in any kind of trouble and am sure pretty sure the obvious reason they run names through the interpol database is to make sure they are not issuing Naturalization to any possible would be fugitive.

The Ministery Of Justice only provides the "LISTS OF DOCUMENTS" needed for the application for NATURALIZATION, they do not detail the actual process, a quick look around the forum and you will find that at least 3 people have stated they have had a visit from police federal following thier submission of thier applications for "NATURALIZATION".

Hope this information helps you and helps clarify some of your confusion.

Best Regards,
Mr. Duncan


Looks like they surprised visited your friend too huh?

I wish your friend all the best :)

Be sure to post his experiences here if you can so would be applicants have broader perception on the process.

Mr. Duncan.

Hi everybody

In regards to half baked information please note that I hope all of you realize specially "Mr. Memocbob" that there are points of check that are in place.

1.  Policia Federal upon submission of the documents - also the point when they had administered my language test for me
2.  Home visit by the Policia Federal - where they had a thorough reverification of all the documents and details that had been submitted, they also ask for 2 to 3 personal references that the personnel from Justica Federal can call for a reference.
3.  Even after all that there is a 3rd check that happens from Justica Federal, on which they do confirm if you have been a resident for a minimum of the required days and also double check other details including how you have been supporting yourself financially, and they also run your details through the interpolation database. 
Based on specific info if they don't agree with the documents that you have handed in they will communicate with you by post and ask you to submit more documents and usually the note they give will have an online address where you can submit the info or else they might ask you to come back to Policia Federal once again.

Your naturalization is not completely approved until it goes through the above 3 steps.  Whoever is happy with receiving just the Protocolo must remember that is just the beginning step, if things were that simple then there was no point to issuing a Protocolo and all the person would have been able to receive the citizenship certificate right there on the spot in Policia Federal itself.

All info I have stated is based on my personal experience that took place in Florianopolis.

Furthermore with reference to Mr. Memocbob, as far as Half Baked information is concerned I have copy pasted the exact requirement which is mentioned by Policia Federal and I had even taken it a step further and even translated it into English in order to avoid confusion. 

A minimum stay of 1 year is required, along with that I have also mentioned that everyone's experience differs, hence try to write down things with a proper back up.  I personally don't know this specific friend of MemocBob and I am sure nor does Soei65 or Mr. Duncan.

Lastly don't take things to heart what I am being forced to reinstate is that you should try and mention your personal experience, not something that someone else or there cousins' best friend have gone through due to the fact that you are not involved in there paperwork and you have to write things based on hearsay

Wishing everyone the best of luck and hope everyone had a Feliz Dia das Namoradas!!


Excellent post stanza51, thanks for sharing your personal experience, I hope everyone appreciates it as much I do and this clarifies some of the confusion about the process.

I wish you the best of luck in your application.

Mr. Duncan.

Wht is his status now?
He received permanent residency.

Hello, I'm new here. But I am planning of traveling to Brazil on a tourist visa with my wife in order to have our baby there. Can my wife be covered with an international health insurance to have her baby without paying any money at the hospital?

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