Seeking A piece of advice

Hello There ,

I'm a Fluent English Speaker and speaks Arabic too .I'm an Network Engineer in Orange Business Services Egypt ,and I don't speak Russian at all .

My Belarussian girl friend and I will marry soon .I don't know what life will look like if we live in Belarus while I'm making my first steps learning Russian .However , My concern is can I find a job in my field or even a part time job in any other field like tourism or teaching in Belarus while I speak only English till I master Russian , or I won't be able at all to find a job ?

My field is a hot commodity in Minsk , but don't know whether I can find work as Network Engineer without learning Russian at the beginning or not.of course I'm willing to learn Russian , but I'm talking about the situation when I first arrive in Belarus as an only English Speaker.

I hope that each one has a piece of advice to share it with me to help me make the right decision .


I dont know about finding a job but I am an American who married a Belurussian neither of us spoke each others language but I am learning Russian and enjoying it very much.  I live part time in Belarus and part time in America since my wife has not been granted a visa as of yet.  Its been 2 years but best thing I ever did was marry the young lady.

congratulations Sir !

But do you think that I can't move and live with her in Belarus  unless I'm speaking Russian .I mean we both use English for communication , but daily life will be impossible without Russian , so I will learn it but later on after I move .I don't know if this is a feasible plan or not !


In fact finding a job as a network Engineer is not a big deal here, the only thing is of course you need Russian, but, the good thing is that there are a lot of international companies opening in Minsk nowadays, also there are a lot of IT companies that are always looking for good Engineers and they mostly work for the US, Canada and EU countries so that they look for English speakers as well.  Check the residents of the HTP (High technology park)

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