Need Info about belarus.

I need your advise to arrive in belarus and get job.. if any one would also give some details and inquire about the visa status over

Hello Saqib. :)

In which sector are you looking for work?
What is your professional background?

Thank you,

Saqib, what is your level in Russian language?

Hello Aurélie & Vikaveg,
Thanks for you reply well i was born & raised in Dubai very well settled, invested in some main properties of Dubai but lost every thing during global crisis because every thing was mortgaged by banks in simple words i became bank defaulter. i started my carrier as Retail Banking Officer to Mass Banking Executive that was for 8 years and for 2 years i worked Property Negotiator when property was reaching its pick in Dubai (UAE at that time. Well as of my Russian language i just know basic not to any level.. Plzz advise...

Hello saqib99.

Concerning your job search, you can post an advert in the Jobs in Belarus section. It can help. :)

Good luck,

so about my job i will advertise in job columns but still info about visa status... how can i get resident visa of belarus???

Follow this link:

Thanks Vikaveg for shearing link But it say the same as their is no consulate or representative offices of Belarus in Pakistan so visa is upon arrival at Consular Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Minsk Airport with supporting documents (original letter of invitation, with the signature and, if a business, seal of the inviting party)that is what i am looking for:(:(  Any one to help me....

Still waiting for someone assistance...

What kind of assistant do you want? To find you a job or what?

saqib99 try to phone the embassy in Abu Dhabi, their number is available on the internet .

I'm also interested in visiting Belarus but but not for business . However, I'm not able to find an agency that can issue an invitation letter to me , that letter is needed for the visa .

Does anyone know about any agency that issue invitation letters for tourists ?

HANNAD, try this

Thank you so much , I highly appreciate you assistance .

I did submit the form @vikaveg... now what should i do!! wait for their reply???