Holiday food in the USA


End of year holidays around the world are such an exciting time of the year, with holiday food playing a big part of the traditions and celebrations.

What are some traditions surrounding holiday meals in the USA?

Tell us about a few of the traditional holiday dishes and meals in the USA.

What are some of your favourites?

Are the food that are consumed during the festive season easy to prepare at home, or do most people buy them at the store?

Are holiday meals a big family festivity in the USA?

Is there a general budget that people allocate to holiday meals?

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Some traditions surrounding holiday meals in the USA are Dungeness Crab (Northern California/Northwest), Kalua Turkeys (Hawaii), Christkindlmarket (Chicago), Noche Buena (Florida).

Few of the traditional holiday dishes and meals in the USA are Cranberry-Orange Roast Ducklings, Holiday Green Bean Casserole, Traditional Holiday Stuffing, Holiday Lettuce Salad, Christmas Meatballs, Citrus-Molasses Glazed Ham.

My favourities meals are  Tortellini & Spinach Soup, Herb-Crusted Prime Rib, Classic Beef Wellingtons, Artichoke Caprese Platter, Caramel-Pecan Apple Pie.

Apple Pie and The Hamburger are the best foods to eat on holiday in the USA.

It will be Thanksgiving soon. That meal is traditionally roast turkey with dry bread stuffing, lumpy mashed potatoes with brown gravy, sweet potatoes baked with marshmallows on top, various vegetable side dishes, canned cranberry sauce, bread rolls that are hard on the inside while soft on the outside, and pumpkin pie.

My favorite dish for Christmas is pulled pork, can't get enough of it. This year, I plan on spicing things up a bit and preparing my own jerky, I love this treat as most Americans do. Got a new Nesco dehydrator to make the meaty treat, found it here a few weeks ago … sco_FD-75A

Turkey, Mashed potato

Mashed Potato, Fruitcake, Chocolate Fudge and Roast turkey

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