Fee paying student visa - how long it takes after interview with CO

Hello All,

I have applied on fee paying student visa application on 31st of October 2018, I am intending to study level 8, course going to start by 14th of February.

I have uploaded all needed documents along with SoP letter.

I have got a call from case officer ( Mumbai branch) on 21st of November, 2018.

She asked me about my previous study and work experience, also why I am going to study now.

I have respond to her according to my SoP letter which reflects the real intending to back to my home country and start my own business. afterward, she asked me to upload PTE score access along with money transferred source and receipts or remittances.  as they money have been paid as two parts ( first transferred by my sister which she has PR and living in New Zealand and second payment transferred by me from my country.

I have uploaded the requested documents by CO directly after the interview and sent to her an email to inform her that I have uploaded all document to my online account also asking her if she need any further details.

till now I didn't get any update either from her or at my online account.

what I have to do ? is it normal to take that time ? do I need to push in order to get more time to book fight tickets in a reasonable price?

looking forward for your help and advice.

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Pushing the issue will get you nowhere. The process takes a lot of time and the system is  full of applications. Each and every bit of paperwork submitted has to be verified and checked.
It may well be early in 2019 before you get an update. You need to be patient and I would not book flights until you have the visa.

Hello again,

I am so glad to inform you that I have got my visa approved today morning :) yaaaay

My wife is also applying for PHD at AUT as a fee paying student. Could you suggest anything for visa interview.

Thnx & regards

thank you,

my advice to her to be normal, honest and tell them about her plan exactly as she provided in statement of purpose. nothing to worry about it during the interview.

CO will ask her about her previous study, work experience and why she choose New Zealand.
CO may ask about fund source and if she bringing her family with her during the study course period.

best of luck

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