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My wife and I have been to Ambergris Caye Belize several times and are considering it for a possible  6 month out of the year retirement spot in a few years.  I have been looking at Roatan as a possible alternative but haven't done a lot of research yet.

While I can see Roatan is beautiful, I am concerned about safety and stability.  If you look at the US media, close to 10,000 Hondurans are on the southern border of the US trying to get in to the US after leaving Honduras.   Am I wise trying to get out of the US and into Honduras?

Is it safe to be in Roatan?  Is it safe to invest in Roatan?  Is the government stable enough that I should consider buying property in Roatan?

Thanks for your responses.

Roatan is not like the mainland of Honduras. It is relatively safe but a 3rd world country none the less.
As such you need to be aware that there are the very wealthy and the very poor on the Island. The good news is the limpera to dollar ratio is 24-1 We purchased our vacation home on Roatan in 2016. We have enjoyed going there for years and have had no trouble with safety. However, we do not take unnecessary risks. We don't leave our things out, we lock up our home and car and we place valuables in a safe. We don't walk around handling large amounts of cash.  These are the same precautions you would take anywhere where there is a population of those who have and have not. Lately there have been a lot of news about a few instances of crime. You can't live anywhere these days without some crime.  However, I believe there is a strong desire on the part of the residents and the government to root out these criminals and get them off the island. Roatan is a beautiful place to be and I wish you luck in your endeavor to find that happy place - wherever it is, to enjoy your retirement.

Yes there are many central americans at the united states southern border and the majority are looking for employment opportunities.   Yes ,mostly all will say that the gangs, the war tax, the murders, abusive relationships etc. And while some of them might be telling the truth the reality is that most of them are just looking fo better their financial situation.  Most of the central Americans I know in the united states are sending money back to their countries to support families and buy properties, livestock and build nice houses.  If things were that bad, why would anyone want to invest their hard earned american dollars in that region?  I personally believe the migration of central Americans is more financial than anything else.

Roatan, Utila are pretty Islands and many ex pats have business there and the place is safe. I prefer Utila however

My husband and I are thinking of going to Honduras. We have never visited there but we are very interested. We are unsure as to where to start.  Roatan looks very nice but we have also been looking at places on the coast of Le Ceiba.
Are prices comparable or is one more expensive than the other?
We won't be living permanently so is it hard to find someone to look after the property?
Are there many homes for the sale on the island?
Any information you could give us would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hello Pauline,

You are right, prices are way different, Roatan is more like a theme park and therefore prices are twice or three times as much on properties.
Cost of living is also at least twice as much in Roatan than La Ceiba, Balfate or places around. 

  There are some gated communities in both places, Roatan and La Ceiba and Balfate where they will take care of your property and even get revenues with a good property manager or pool rental.

Cesar Castillo

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