should move to London or Leeds ?

I am 34, Indian, single, lived in Ireland 10 years, hold Irish passport and then 2 years in Toronto. Now in India last 4 months.
I didn't like Canada at all, too crowded, and cheapness among people, like you find usually in poor countries. Ireland is fine, no problem but was bored after being long time there.

Now I want to settle down for long term. I was thinking Geneva for work and living in France but can't start again from scratch and struggle as only know english, not french.

I am thinking England and confused between London and Leeds. Not as many jobs in Leeds as in London. But I am scared of crowd :) what an irony, being Indian and don't like crowd.

Any suggestion would be appreciated !!

Leeds is a big, crowded city with a high crime rate.
London is a bigger, even more crowded city with a massive crime rate

I wouldn't live in either for a gold pig

Canada too crowded ???  Head west - Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC are relatively deserted; you can work in the cities like Saskatoon, Edmonton or Calgary and commute into the city from the prairie towns.

There is nothing that would persuade me to move to the UK; we're currently planning our departure.

If you think Canada is crowded?? Forget London, it has a population of about 8.8 million. Leeds: 810,372 and growing. I have to ask whats so special about Leeds?

SimCityAT :

I have to ask whats so special about Leeds?

Leeds has an excellent selection of drug dealers and muggers, probably far more than the whole of Canada can offer. London definitely has.

Cynic :

There is nothing that would persuade me to move to the UK; we're currently planning our departure.

I can see how people from many places would want to relocate to the UK, but Canada isn't on that list. I talk to my sis in England and get an overview of the state of the place, and it isn't pretty.
Apart from mad taxation and crackpot prices, I'm hearing of more and more destitution and drug dealers opening selling on the streets. I saw disgusting drunken behaviour before I left over 11 years ago, even dogging in the streets.
Returning to England isn't even on my mind - it would be something I'd only do in total and absolute desperation if I had run out of choices.

I would find it very hard to recommend the OP move to England, especially given his stated needs.

@Cynic - You are right, that might have been my wrong decision when I chose Toronto in Canada. Just didn't like North American people's attitude at all. You talk to them 5 mins and they will mention money 10 times. Sorry being bitchy, just honest opinions.

@Fred - Not like UK is best place or heaven on earth to relocate. It's just some cultural knowledge, people share both sides, because of colonisation. Please give me name of best place if not London and Leeds.

@SimCityAT - Nothing special in Leeds, or may be everything special there :) I googled best place to live in UK and York popup. York is bit too small for jobs n all so I thought Leeds would be okay. Please give me name of best place you think if not London and Leeds.

I am honestly struggling to think at the moment. I will have to get back to you.

But you have not said what industry you work in. If you told us we might be able to narrow it down?

IndoIre :

York is bit too small for jobs n all so I thought Leeds would be okay. .

unemployment … by-region/

I work in IT, fix computers. I think finding job wouldn't be biggest challenge for me. It is possibe if I choose remote areas, salary wouldn't be great. And you need everything house, holidays n all.
Thank you very much for replying guys! I love you all !!

I was brought up in London and now live a few miles from Leeds; neither place fills me with a sense of anything cultural.  London is also very expensive and IT jobs (unless you have a very unique skill) don't pay that much.  Crime is currently a major issue in many cities in the UK (as others have already mentioned, mostly fuelled by drugs and racial issues).

You have an Irish passport, so can live and work anywhere in the EU, but if English is your only international language, I get the attraction of the UK for you as you could probably walk in and get some sort of job relatively easily (certainly easier than the rest of the EU).

Best of luck anyhow.

I have lived in Leeds for more than 11 years.  I  wouldn't move to London as its overcrowded and expensive to find accommodation. 

As for crime.  There is crime everywhere that is how the world is . I consider Leeds a safe place . If you want to look up about crime you can do research instead of getting biased feedback from people.

To me Leeds is good and to someone else its not.

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