St. Helena Migration Info.

I am interested in knowing about st. Helena If any one has recently moved there & would like to share their experiences please post the replies

Where are you from?

St Helena doesn't require tourist visas from anyone, but anyone who isn't from an English speaking country can forget about getting a work permit

Ascension island doesn't allow citizens of certain countries, like Syria, Russia, Iran, China in. This also means if you are the child of immigrants and have British citizenship, but I don't think you have British citizenship

St. Helena has started work migrations available on official pages of Govt .

I knew about St Helena since the days it was only accessible by boat from South Africa. I literally just finished helping a refugee plan a journey there a week ago. I know the process for migration entirely.

What I am saying, is that in order to get to St Helena, for anything short of a visitors permit (as working without the correct permit can land you a fine and a jail sentence, in a very lonely, boring, un-maintained prison cell).

Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha make up one single entity, a British Overseas Territory. To work on St Helena, there is a points system:

The first two questions read:

Is your profession (as at F) on the Shortage Occupation List or alternatively, has your employer confirmed that the job has been advertised for 2 weeks in St. Helena?
Yes (90 points)
No (0 points)

Are you from an English exempt (English speaking) country or do you speak elementary English?
Yes (10 points)
No (0 points

NOTE: If you have answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions and have a score of 100
points, you do not need to answer any more questions on this form–

Again, please answer my question: which country are you from, and which job role do you wish to apply for?

If we go on the government website, it says that the only vacancy open at the moment (to people such as yourself) is as a "PAYE Officer"

If you could make it to the UK to be qualified as a PAYE Officer, you wouldn't be looking for loopholes in the British immigration system, by trying to get in through our Overseas Territories, lol

Prospective candidates should have at least:
 GCSE Maths and English at Grade C or above or equivalent qualification;
 NVQ in Customer Service

Do you have an NVQ? Can you get an NVQ in your country of residency?

Also read: "All appointments are subject to the successful candidate providing satisfactory clearances, including a medical check and vetting/DBS clearance"

I don't know much about you, your name sounds Persian/Afghan, but a lot of my *Christian* friends from those parts of the world, with the names "Reza", "Khan", "Abdullah" are frequently stopped by the Visa Information System (VIS) (Google what it does, if you have a name that resounds the above, the system automatically red flags you and you have to prove that you aren't a terrorist, with pictures and a documented life story since birth)

Also, if you read the website of Ascension Island, it says:

Please note that it is currently Ascension Island Government policy not to issue entry visas to nationals of the following countries/territories: Belarus, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, >Iran<, Libya, Macau, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Do answer my questions. You asked for help, now let us help you

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