Moving to Guatemala To Teach English

Hi, I always love to travel to exotic places and this is one in particular I would like move to.  I am looking for a host  that I can stay with temporary or someone that can help me find housing to give me a tour of the country and information for employment.  I am working online in US as a Teacher which I enjoy the change from my business background to teaching Chinese children and business executives the fundamentals of English.

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When are you planning to move and from all the exotic places why precisely Guatemala ?  :cheers:

For more information concerning employment, you can read the article : Finding work in Guatemala. You will find some useful information that will help you in your project.

Alexia Team

I'm a Guatemalan living in Asia, doing the same , teaching English and Spanish.
contact me, we can share info!

Hi, I arrive in Guatemala this April.  I am loving it already.  Do you have any information I need to know or suggestions.  Please feel free to contact me.  I am still teaching online. I am looking forward in people responding to me at their convenience.

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