Shortly about Business in Georgia

Hi There!

I'm Natia, living and working in Tbilisi,Georgia.

I'm new to this forum and posting for the first time, so first of all I would just like to say hello to everyone: who lives in Georgia or planning to visit our country in near future.

I think, that this website is really helpful for foreigners who are planning to set up a business in new country or just travel & make new friends. I've traveled to many countries and i know importance of having trustful friends and partners in abroad ^_^

About my country shortly i can say that Georgia is a small country of lush nature, underdeveloped medieval towns, good food, fantastic wine, one of the world’s oldest languages and hospitable people. More than  5 years, i am working with investors from different countries... Yes of course our cultures,religions,languages are different but people who comes here only for doing business,stays here for a long long time... The reason is simple: Georgian people are very hospitable,we love all foreigners from all countries, we become their friends and their second homeland.

I've read here, on this forum that doing business in Georgia is very hard, but why? I really can't understand... According to my experience of working with foreigner investors, if you are doing your business legally and have good Georgian partner,who can give you some business advises which kind of business is good for Georgia and which not, and support you by a professional team, which will work for your company, nothing is hard...

Georgia is not economically rich country,but has quite a big resources to do good business with good feedback... Our country is very safe, living and doing business here is also very safe and comfortable... All of the taxes are fixed,setting up a new company is very cheap and simple for foreigner businessmen, customs clearance process is also very simple, which is guarantee for investors to start new business here or develop current one...

In a word, there are too many things to say about Georgia... The most important is good planning and trustful partners,with good experience of doing different kind of businesses... So don't hesitate to ask me if you have some questions or if you need help & support :)

Best wishes

Hello, Natia,

I agree with most of your speech about Georgia as I'm living he for more than 5 years. Wish we can communicate for business cooperation as I have some business ideas and investors.

Best regards


Hello Mr. Nagy

Yes of course, you can write me in pm and we can talk there :)

Kind regards

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