Dating and finding love as an expat in Ukraine


With cultural barriers and different dating norms, finding love as an expat abroad can be exciting and challenging at the same time.

Is it easy to meet other fellow single people in Ukraine?

How do you go about meeting people (through friends, online dating, apps, meetup groups)?

How safe is it to date in Ukraine?

How do you deal with cultural differences when dating?

What are certain dating etiquettes and rules when dating in Ukraine?

How do you deal with getting into a serious relationship if you know you might be leaving Ukraine?

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Oh sure they are easy to meet and Ukrainian are hospitable people, but there is a saying that the fox SHOULD be the national animal.   You WILL be targeted and taken advantage of. Even by those who do not mean to.

You are absolutely correct!  Be very careful!  There are some good ones out there but most are hunting...You.

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