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My name is Lynne and I am new to the group.  We are moving at the end of the year and my children will attend the Clip in Oporto.  I need guidance on where to look for accommodation in terms of area.  My husband works in Tondela and we would like to live somewhere in the middle and have access to public transport. 

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Hello lynnepadua,

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You could have a look at the article Accommodation in Portugal, you may find something useful.

Alexia Team

Thanks Alexa,

I am just not sure where the areas are and how far apart areas are from The Clip and Tondela.  Once I have a feel for areas then I can start looking for housing.


You might want to check Airbnb for both areas and see what pops up that be somewhere central.

Olá Lynne :)

Tondela is about an hour and a half from Porto.
Even if you live in the middle, every day you will have to take a trip to arrive in Tondela and Clip.

About the accommodation, I work as a real estate agent, so if you need help to find a place, tell me :)

Be welcome!


Thank you.  Will make contact with you once we have exact dates of arrival.


To be close to CLIP, I would say Foz (most expensive area to live), Aldoar, Matosinhos Sul,  very good places and walk distance. Aviz, Cristo Rei, Vilarinha: walking distance and have some parts better than others. Matosinhos Norte e Ramalde not so great, but also close.

I would choose to live closer to school rather then midway. Depending on age of your kids I assume that you will need to bring them and pick them up from school so that means two return trips every day. So close to Porto is probably a better option. We are moving to Porto this year, our kid will start in CLIP after the summer holidays. We decided to buy a place on the east side of Porto. Good luck.

Really depending on your budget, if money is no issue, Foz, Aldoar, Cristo Rei are the closest to CLIP.

For mid range yet close to CLIP, may consider Pinheiro Manso, Matosinhos Sul, Bessa, even across the bridge close to Gaia Shopping, you can find some good properties.


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