Where to live in Porto-looking for somewhere vibrant with young people

Hello everyone.

I'm planning to move to Porto towards the end of the year and am looking to find out more about the neighbourhoods so I can choose one that suits me.

I'm into music, pubs and languages and would be looking for somewhere vibrant that has a decent number of young people and stuff to do. Any suggestions?

Look forward to hearing from someone!


You must live in the heart of Portugal. You need to get involved in a group like Internations, so you can meet young people. Also, perhaps if you cal the Casa da Musica, somebody there could give you advice. Good luck! It has not been easy for me to live here. I prefer Lisbon!

Thanks Eileen

Hi Max,

Know it's been a while since you posted this but thought I'd see if you'd found any decent areas in Porto to live? Similar to yourself I'm looking to move to Porto at the start of November with work and keen to know where the livelier parts are!



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