price for apartments/condos in Porto area

When is the best time to look for a one bedroom (maybe two bedroom) for one year lease ?
Also; how much does a nice clean place cost per month ?  I understand there are all different prices  like everywhere else but looking for an average price for an up to date clean apartment. Outside the city of Porto is fine as long as no problem with transit back and fort.
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Avoid searching in August as it's the month Portuguese typically take their holidays. Nobody will answer the phone, and almost no-one uses voicemail. Many people don't use email, either, most business is conducted by phone, so if you don't speak Portuguese or have a Portuguese phone number, it gets (much) harder.

Leases are generally 2 to 5, sometimes 6 years long. You're legally required to stay a third of the contract and the notice you're required to give is also usually a third, too.

There's a BIG difference for rents according to location and renovation, and if furnished/unfurnished.

The rents for T1 (one-bedroom apartment) in the historic centre and near the river/ocean can be 500-700 excluding bills (water, electricity, gas, internet/TV). For more bedrooms add 20% for each room. The further away from the historic centre and the water you get and still within Porto city, it's more like 400-600 for T1, add 20% for the extra bedroom. Further out to the other municipalities like Vila Nova de Gaia, Matosinhos, Maia, prices lower by 20% or you get a larger, nicer apartment.

Landlords will ask for fiador (local financial guarantor in case you don't pay), and if you don't have one, expect them to ask for more payment in advance (2-6 months) and/or a bigger deposit if furnished (1 month). In very competitive zones, I've seen landlords ask for a whole YEAR in advance.

Expect a LOT of competition for apartments in areas around the universities (University of Porto in Campo Alegre, Catholic University in Foz, etc.), there's a seasonality for rentals based on the semester system.

I have a list of resource sites, including searching for rentals, on my website (see my bio).

Thank you Gail for the very informative post on this.  My wife and I are looking now for temporary lodging in support of our applications for a Shengin Visa but this will be helpful when we go to look for longer term lodging when we apply/get our residents permits.

Once you get the Schengen (4-month) entry visa there will be other hurdles, but feel free to ask in the meantime.

Note that changing addresses between the entry visa and the appointment at SEF for residency permit can be problematic and it's even worse if you move AFTER the appointment.

So the ideal situation is to get a short lease for the Schengen (unless you really, really like your place) and once you arrive, make the SEF appointment (you have 3 working days to "check in" to SEF) which is your TOP priority as they are very backed up for appointments, then the next step is to find a rental which *must* be registered with the Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira (if it's not, SEF won't accept the rental agreement!).

Gail are the rent price ranges you are showing in euros or dollars?  Thank you.  Larry


There's currency fluctuation and people from other countries are using this information. All listings are in euros.

For cost of living information, see Numbeo: … y=Portugal

I have a page on my website on which I've published a big list of real estate agencies, accommodation websites, classifieds, etc., to get you started. Also, lots of other information about moving to and living in Portugal:

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