Family home


I am relocating in Porto in August with my family (we are 5).

We need to find a house/apartment to rent in the French school area. (Foz and...?)
Do you have any tips for me or contact person who could help me in my search?

If I  dont find a house for one year, first I will need a temporary home until we find the proper house for a long term rent.

I thank you for your help!


Hi Marie,

You could also post an advert in the Housing in Porto section of the website so that you can get some offers and compare them.

Good luck


thank you Christopher

I can put you in touch with a few agents (3 different agencies) with properties in the neighbourhood (Foz near Serralves). Just know it's super-competitive for housing around there because there's a high concentration of schools and universities, plus it's near the river and ocean so it's already coveted land.

Send me a message if you want their contacts, or feel free to ask any other questions.

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