Retired couple looking to rent in Porto

Looking for 1 year rent in Porto.  Not necessarily in the busy district.  Preferably sea view and out of town.  Ideally furnished and modern.  We do not have childrenn nor pets.

Hi Susan,

You can have a look at
there you might find some accommodation that fits your needs.

Welcome in Porto!


I have just read your post & would be really interested to hear how you are progressing. I am also considering a 12 month rental in Porto & have been looking at availability without much success. Have received a lot of conflicting advice/opinions which have left me more confused. Do you already know Porto? A lot of negative comment has centred on the difference between UK & Portuguese rental market, l do not speak Portuguese, I do not know anyone in Porto, bureaucracy, etc. I picked Porto as I definitely want to live in a city (Im a Londoner) & property prices in Lisbon, which is fantastic, are higher. I had set a rental of €1500/2000 pcm which I felt was pretty reasonable, however 2 or 3 comments said on the low side!!! Really?!

All the best with your move. Lisa

Hi there
I’m also new to Portugal so can’t really tell you much about the rental but from what I can gather frankly the budget that you gave seems pretty good.  All this depends on what area you are looking at, whether it’s seafront or further inland; and how many rooms.  We ourselves are only looking at Porto which we will be moving end February to rent initially for 3 months and when we are there we will have more time to look for long term rental.  If you are planning on living in Porto I can give you the contact number of 2 agents I know so far as they seem quite helpful.  You are also  welcome to contact me on my private email- colsue[at]   Btw I was lucky to know a friend who is Portuguese and she comes from Porto itself hence that helped a lot as I don’t speak Portuguese either.

As far my knowledge, porto is not suitable city for retirement. Consider port di lima or so, a bit quite and cheap

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