Living part time in Phil and USA

I've heard and I think read somewhere that if I want to live outside the USA I can only stay for 60 days and then I have to return to the states. I'm thinking of spending the USA winter months in the Philippines and summers in USA.  Is this true I can only stay for 60 days before I must leave to return to the states?

Not at all true. I generally spend 4-6 months in the Philippines each winter.

Your ph Visa can be renewed for a total of three years before you must leave the Country and come back in again.

Also a snow bird here, and if you are married to a Filipina and enter the country with her you can get  BB on your passport, allows you to stay for a year every time you do it, no return ticket needed when you land.

What dou mean by "BB". I'll have to assume, right now, I'm traveling alone. But still want to stay in Phil during usa winters. I'm guessing if I do meet and marry Phil woman she will become U.S. citizen eventually and can travel back and forth without issues.


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