Walking or Hiking Shoes for sale in Siem Reap

Hi all. I will be arriving in Siem Reap in a few weeks. I have a good pair of shoes to wander around but I would like to find a store to buy some decent walking shoes while there. The shoes I am most used to are the Merrell Moab Shoes but if there are sources in the city to compare I'd love to do that.

The Merell shoes are here.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HF … &psc=1

They are expensive but each pair last a long time and take a lot of punishment and my old feet have grown accustomed to them. Are there some factory stores or outlets I could go looking at when I arrive that have higher quality walking or hiking shoes?

hmmm... one month passes and no one knows where to buy decent shoes in Cambo. Maybe there are no decent walking shoes to be found in Cambo or just go there and ask around when on the ground...

The question was about walking shoes available in Siem reap, not the whole of Cambodia.

Of course they are available in Phnom Penh, but that was not the question.


Joe, I just saw your reply; I did not read critically and seemed to have missed that fact. Thanks for clearing this up.

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