is there any online shopping in Cambodia like ebay, amazon, asos,...?

Hi all,
I would like to ask if there is any website for online shopping like ebay, amazon, asos, ... in Cambodia.



ASOS provides free shipping to Cambodia within 9 days of ordering -the only thing they don't offer is express!

How do you get it?  It says I cannot use a PO box.  If I type the address of my school, will it be delivered or will I have to go pick it up?


I would find a street address to use and just ask the local post office to hold all packages for you. The local post office here in Battambang always calls us to inform us of packages arriving.

Amazon sends a lot of stuff to Cambodia (all of their sites - .com, .uk, .de, .jp etc.)

Shipping cost is quite moderate. From Amazon Japan I've also used to reduce shipping cost.

Hi Kim,

Please let me know your email id, contact no.

We are starting online shopping soon so that we can assist you.

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Hello raja.thingthong,

You should register your company in the Cambodia Business Directory.

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Shaazia Team

Hi! i found this cambodia based site which offers wide range of variety and found they offer Hassle free return which is Awesome. you might like to check their site:

have good day!

Sometime back, I found Supposedly, you can buy amazon products through that site. But, be warned, they are not cheap. Personally, I wouldn't use the company due to the added costs. But, I am sure there are others who would.

If I need something that urgently from the US, I will buy it and have it shipped to my home there. From there, he will ship it to me via whatever avenue necessary, to make sure I receive it.

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