?cheapest and fastest reliable shipping from Cambodia Worldwide?

Could anyone help me out with the best ways I could ship small packages to North America and Australia? and a ruff price? Thanks

I send about 7 packages per week overseas from Cambodia, up to 1kg. I used to use EMS with the post office but the tracking takes days to update online and the packages seemed to take longer than the stated time but the prices okay, prices for me $30-48. I was often in the upstairs office at the post office getting them to search for my packages.

To use FEDEX or DHL are expensive, I was once quoted $90+ to send a package to the Caribbean, however I then used KKEXPRESS (Street 286)and the price went down to $54 with FEDEX. The service with KKEXPRESS then got so bad I looked elsewhere.

I now use DPEX (TOLL) on Street 200, it costs me $38 to the USA, depends on the weight of course, the service is good and the tracking works well, however it can take 24 hours to show up online.

The packages I send are only documents, be aware that all companies here like to see what is inside and there are products they will not send, also DPEX wanted to see my passport, I did not have it with me so they did not push for it.

And I have just realized you are in Siem Reap, so perhaps this info on Phnom Penh does not help.

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