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Hi Everyone,

My name is Theresia and I live in Calella, Catalunya. I am URGENTLY looking for  a job. Mostly focused on Barcelona surroundings. I am pretty much open to all types of  jobs. From  cleaning to  administrative. I have over ten years of experience in Hospitality and tourism sector, ranging from restaurant to front office. I speak English fluently, Spanish conversational, Dutch basic and Catalan basic.
I also have 1 year experience as a Nanny and love working with kids. I have two myself  😊
Please feel free to contact me if you have any job available and I can send my curriculum.


I suggest you check out the jobs section, top of this page. You can also place your CV there too.

hey there, have you tried Europe Language Jobs http://bit.ly/2PdQuuG

Hi There
Have you thought about the estate agents industry? Sounds like you could make a good viewing agent but you will need to be a thick skinned bully who can tell porkies. Just go door knocking on estate agents offices, you will soon get fixed up.

Never thought of that. Mostly they look for experience. Dont you need to speak fluent Spanish?
Thanks for the thought ☺

Thanks! Will have a look.


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