Malaysian looking for a job in Japan.

Hi I am a Malaysian looking for a job in Japan especially Tokyo and Osaka preferably with accommodation and free transport service/transport allowance from my house to workplace and vice versa. I can speak English,Malay,Chinese(Mainly fluent in Hokkien) and Japanese. I really want to work in Japan because I like Japan,Japanese people,Japanese language,Japanese culture and ANIME very very very much! I can move in IMMEDIATELY. Reply or pm me if you have any offers. REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Thank you!

Why not use Google and search for a job. You can also check the jobs section at the top of this page.

Are you still in Malaysia or Japan?
If you are in japan, it's very easy to get a job here provided you have good command of japanese.
especially Tokyo and Osaka such mega city comes with many opportuinies.
but if you have in Malaysia, you have to find from online job agency...some company is OK for Skype interview but second or last interview you have fly to here.
Try to visit Daijob, doda, mynavi, en japan site.

Good luck , Malaysian...

I am still in Malaysia. I want to get a confirmation before I move to Japan and do the things I need to move. I have an EXCELLENT command of Japanese speaking and listening but my reading and writing are so-so. Unfortunately a number of online job agencies don't provide jobs in Japan and overseas. PLEASE notify me MANY especially those in Japan. If you have any jobs in Japan especially in Tokyo or Osaka with accomodation and transportation coverage, let me know. I beseech you.

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